Thursday, April 19, 2012

MQX 2012 - post #4

Here is the Best of Show, by Sherry Reynolds. It's called America, Let it Shine. It's kind of no surprise whatsoever that this quilt won. It's amazing, and she quilted it on a domestic machine. Hard to believe.
She's combined regular cottons, fabrics that appear to be batiks/hand-dyes and some gold satin even. There are the words to the constitution written in near-perfect script around the quilt, and if I go back and read the card by the quilt, will learn that there's symbolisms in the number of stars, etc that are on the quilt.
The quilting is detailed, and would have had an absolute ton of stops and starts to look the way it looks. The outer border below, for example...I would have taken the lazy approach and stitched in to the cream triangles from the outer edge so it could be stitched continuously. She started and stopped each one beneath where the crystal is afixed.
This, sadly, was the only ribbon-winner that was not hung so that we could oogle over the backside. I'm sure it was fantastic.
The quilt has won at every show it's entered, so be on the lookout if you go to a major show this year. It's well worth a good look.


Emma said...

That's seriously awesome! And wonderful that it was quilted on a DSM!

Millie and Walter said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this with those of us that couldn't see it in person. The piecing is about as stunning as the quilting.