Friday, April 20, 2012

MQX 2012- post #5

As promised, I have a few more of the quilts I loved from MQX (and a few that I have found interesting).  As an aside...I have discovered that Bonnie Hunter, who was also at MQX, has been posting about her trip this week as well.  Her post today has some lovely pictures of several people's quilts, and about 5 of my Zen Garden quilt!  Go have a look here...

The first few are quilts from the small quilts division.  This hummingbird is by Jan Hutchison, who is a fantastic longarmer.  She had several quilts in the show.
 Lisa Calle, another great longarmer, did this small quilt.  She earned another ribbon on her other quilt too!  The small-scale quilting is spectacular.
 I believe this is by Lois Polodny.  If you look at the detail, there is so much within the quilting with pebbles, and feathers and textures.  Just lovely.
Kristin Vierra's group quilt.  This was at MQS last year (beat my quilt that took 2nd!).  The applique and gradations are pretty.  I'm not sure how exactly a group did this!
 This is Turtle Bay by Claudia Pfeil. It's all silk, and is embellished with a trillion crystals, as all her quilts are. I took 2 of Claudia's classes this trip.  She's a total hoot - completely loved them.  Guess I should show some detail pictures, but she has a link on her facebook page to see 99 pictures of how she created this quilt.
This next one is another group quilt, quilted by Bethanne Nemish.  I met her last week in person, after seeing her work on MQResource.  She's another really nice quilter.
 I think the next one is another of Jan Hutchison's quilts.  Her quilting is phenominal - don't know why she didn't ribbon with this old-fashioned design and great quilting.
 As I alluded to, there were also some "different" quilts that make you stand back and scratch your head.  It's more artsy than I appreciate easily, but whatever floats your boat!  It too has about a zillion crystals - enough to half blind you.
Cindy Seitz-Krug's lovely bed-sized quilt is all Cherrywood hand-dyes.  I know this has done the show circuit last year and brought home several awards.  The quilting may not show much, but it's tiny and pretty.
 Not sure the maker or the name of this quilt.  I was intrigued by the infusion of the black & white with the pretty flowers.  It works, in an interesting way.
 Sorry, this is another unknown maker.  The applique is interesting, busy and detailed.  Very pretty quilting too.
I think I am getting down to maybe one more MQX post if I find time this weekend.  But you get the idea...the quilts are really good.  It's intimidating how good they are, even to me!  Just makes you wonder how much higher the bar can be set for machine quilting!


Jan Hutchison said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my quilts! I had a kind of a grim day yesterday so they really cheered me up. Congratulations on your ribbons- hope to see some of your quilts at MQS in a few weeks.

Peggy Holt said...

I am vicariously enjoying the quilt show, Margaret. Thanks for sharing it.

I saw Cindy Seitz-Krug's quilt in person last year in was BOS there, and as part of the take down crew I got to see it up close and personal.

At a glance, this quilt may not be eye-catching, but the minute I was able to get close to it, and really study it, there was no doubt as to why it received that award.