Monday, April 16, 2012

MQX 2012 - post #2

These are some of the results from the Large Traditional Wallhanging division. You saw from the previous post that my Zen Garden quilt received the Honorable Mention. Here are (albeit, mediocre quality) pictures of the three that came in ahead of mine. Much variety in this "traditional" category, dontcha say??

This is Janet Stone's Letter Carriers, and it got 1st. If she ever stops making quilts with letters, we'll probably walk right past it without giving it a 2nd thought. I probably should have counted all the little buttons and "attachables", as it is quite a few (most with letters on them!).
Second place was by Kathy Wylie, and was on a Quilters Newsletter magazine last month. It's stunning. I can appreciate fully how long all of this hand applique and vinework took.
Third...Hmmm (I cannot locate who did this,or it's name, but I will update this with the appropriate info later). Three words: simple, classic, elegant. The silk fabric and trapunto mix is gutsy, and glorious. Someday.
Next up...Solo category.


Emma said...

I would still have voted for your quilt!

Lisa Sipes said...

Those are all gorgeous and I'm still in awe that Janet does all of her quilting on a Janome! I think she is nuts, but awesomely so. Thank you for posting!