Tuesday, June 26, 2012

King Quilt

This is for the most part, a glorious Mom's week.  Despite what is turning out to be relatively crappy weather (2 days of rain so far, and probably another coming), all three of my kids are off at camp from 9-4 this week.  I feel kind of bad - my daughter was supposed to go canoeing today, but wasn't able to.  Hopefully my boys will make it to a rope climbing event tomorrow before it rains.  I have a multitude of this and that that I am treating myself to, mostly including tasks involving my own projects.  But here's one chore I made myself complete this morning.  It's a 115" client quilt.  Or it could be 117", depending on where you measure.  It was off-square a little bit, but generally in that excessively huge range.  I quilted it last week, but finally got around to putting on the binding for her today.  Just putting on the binding (and she sent it to me all prepared!) took more than an hour!  Not my favorite part of the process, to say the least!...
It has enormous borders.  I think the 3 borders are like17 or 18" per side.  Her budget preferred an edge-to-edge quilting, but she decided to let me quilt something different on the borders.  I chose to continue the E2E onto the first border, and customize only the outer two.  This helps to show the E2E quilting, because it does get lost on the prints in the center of the quilt.
My border designs are on the simple (aka, not to time or budget unfriendly) side, but they are pretty for this non-frilly quilt.  She has made it for her daughter's wedding gift.
The E2E I did she chose from my book of ideas.  It's a freehand swirly thing that I do.  It quilts up relatively quick, and allows a number of small motifs to be worked it.  Not sure if you can make them out, but I have put in some hearts here and there.
Tomorrow's fun will involve trying to assemble the pieces of my silk quilt.  That should be frustrating!


Gramma Quilter said...

Quilting is lovely. I like the idea of the custom borders. it really is the best of both worlds!

Rhonda said...

Log Cabin is one of my favorite quilt designs and your quilting really brings this quilt to another level.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

What a great way to combine a wee bit of custom quilting with your allover pattern. I bet your customer is going to be very happy with the quilt.