Friday, June 08, 2012

Quilting a Custom Lap Quilt

I designed this simple quilt for someone else to make, and I will be quilting.

I came up with this very simple layout of 9 stars -- 4 of them of an Ohio star pattern, 4 in a 4-patch star, and a star of David.  It is a lap size, and has plenty of space to quilt it pretty.  The colors in the EQ7 design are only for design purposes.  There's no bright neon green in the quilt!
She brought me the top and backing on Wednesday, and I started it yesterday.  I'm close to or just past the half point with 6 hours quilted.  I'm trying to fill the large-ish tan areas with lots of feathers, and design.  My machine is being a pain in the ass with me, or I'd probably be further along.  Remember the mini-quilts I did in Feb?...After doing them, I was pretty sure that the timing of my machine was off.  I couldn't sew with So Fine without skipped stitches.  I managed to get around this just fine by using a 40wt or 30wt thread - either Glide or Omni.  This quilt is being stitched with Omni, and unfortunately, it's occasionally skipping stitches when I sew with a ruler going up or left.  Picky!  After this quilt, I will definitely get it to the shop to be retimed.  I have a few things coming down the road, and I want to be able to sew with the fine threads.
So, my star quilting is a little simpler because the background is what is really seen.  And it is feathered to heck and back.
We found wonderful Anna Griffin fabrics at Marden's, for a whopping $4.50 per yard.  This large-print is cut so that the 4 borders each have this design symmetrically.  I think the finished border will be lovely.  I have more SID and still need to outline the other side of the ivory scroll, but you get the idea.

OK, off to make dinner before there is no power!


The Nifty Stitcher said...

Just beautiful Margaret. Think I'd want to keep it too. Can't wait to see it finished.

Rhonda said...

Margaret, your quilting is outstanding...... In a word... WOW... I think you are right, your mom will want to hang onto this one.... LOL

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

It looks beautiful already! So sorry that your machine is acting up, hope your troubles will pay off at the end!