Saturday, March 30, 2013

Embroidered China/Dishes Quilt

This quilt is from one of my very prolific applique quilters.  I have just finished 4 of her tops, and this is the only one that was not an applique sampler.  It was certainly no easier, but fun because it was different.  This quilt is embroidered mostly on white Fairy Frost.  She has also colored some areas of the embroideries - my guess is colored pencils, but I am only guessing. 
 It is 63"x82"...rather large.  She plans to use it as a decorative quilt, with "light use".  It's unbelievably gorgeous.  Normally, a part of me is like a deer in the headlights when I see massive amounts of plain white background, but this one seemed simple.  It was calling for free-feathers.  And it was definitely calling for the shimmery Glide thread.  Glide and Fairy Frost are a perfect pair.
The center medallion is sweet, but the area needed a little subdividing to create interest.  I created the frame with one of my many, many templates (OK, it was done with Ronda Beyer's large S template).  The border around the center block was stitched with small bows in each corner, and ribbons flowoug outward on the sides.  Simple, feminine and flowy.  This is not a quilt to overthink the details.  Just keep it pretty.
The outer border of the quilt is kind of wide - 8-9".  And it is really the only pieced area too - Broken Dishes pattern, with scattered embroideries.  I could have stitched every crazy-square, but that seemed busy and counter to the purpose of an outer border, whioch I see to be the grounding feature on the quilt.  I chose a stitching that might be seen on something old-fashioned -- a diamond cross-hatching.  It was a bit of a pain to get nice and even, but I am happy with the end look.
 There is a table scene at the bottom of the quilt with a punch bown and tea service.  I love the table cloth.  I made an attempt to make it appear lacey.  Not sure I completely hit the mark, but the table is pretty.

 Here's a look at some of the dishes...You can see the coloring she has added directly to the fabric.
And a platter.  Mostly, my stitching follows the lines of the embroidery, not wanting to interfere with the look she has already created.
Love this one!

 The back shows a lot of detail.  It's a gorgeous quilt, and I am certain that Janice will be pleased.
 (one more...!)
Time for me to get dinner and ponder the next 3 quilts I will conquer this week.  Have a great Bunny day!


Rebecca said...

Love how you quilted this one ....
as always 'BEAUTIFUL'

RenaissanceSandi said...

Very beautiful work! Congrats!

Leeanne said...

Stunning! This looks like a Crabapple Hill design. I quilted one of their designs last year, only the pattern was embroidered handbags.
I think you did pull off the lacy table look perfectly.
Happy Easter!

Sewing Junkie said...

Your vision for completing the quilt is very keen. It is a show piece for your work and hers. Enjoy Easter. Chris

regan said...

This quilt is absolutely lovely.....and your quilting set it off perfectly! Beautiful!

Lynette said...

That background frame in the center is so pretty, Margaret.

Susan Lawson said...


Vicki W said...

You and this quilter make a perfect team. I love everything about it. I especially love what you did in the center.

Average Quilter said...

WOW is all I can say - it is amazing

Quiltdivajulie said...

Knowing that I have quilts in line for your pondering, I am SO SO SO excited to see how you treat mine.

I absolutely LOVE what you did with the one shown today - it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Corina said...

great quilt - awesome!