Monday, June 16, 2014


My mailman brought me the double-whammy for mail today...a copy of Karen McTavish's new book and a magazine I have been writing articles for which I have 2 articles currently in ! 
The exciting part of Karen's book, besides that it is Karen's book, is that I have a quilt in it!  I was approached last fall about being a contributor, and this is one of my few quilts that has such visible McTavishing on it.  It photographs very nicely.  This quilt has had one heck of a competitive life and has managed to get into some fun other things like this book, the catalog cover for VQF, and the AQS luggage tags too.  Pretty exciting.
 My copy of the July/August Machine Quilting Unlimited also arrived.   There is an article about the quilting of my Shenandoah Falling quilt.  Though the quilting on this one is edgy and graphic, I have pulled it from any Modern competition categories.  As a whole quilt, it is not fitting the modern aesthetic as they want it to. OK, fine, no problem.  It's been moved to an art category instead.  It will no doubt still fall under scrutiny of those Modern pundits that think that they know better.  It does have modern quilting motifs even if the overall look may be more contemporary (as they say!!).
I also have a writeup on piped bindings...and a nice published photo of Springtime in the Geisha's Garden.  I am sending this quilt off to the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in IN tomorrow (it is at the end of the month). Hoping for a nice result there.  If you don't already get this bi-monthly magazine, you should consider.  It comes by subscription, or can be found at some Joann's and some bookstores (Barns & Noble is one).


Leeanne said...

Congratulations! How super exciting for you.

Na Na said...

Got my MQU mag today. Loved your articles. Thanks for sharing.

Amy @ Amy's FMQ Adventures said...

I love getting something special in the mail, but yours is pretty hard to beat! I recognized your quilt in Karen's book right away and it's one of my favorites.

You are doing such wonderful stuff with your quilty talents! So inspiring!

Queenie Believe said...

I don't know about you but I find it an interesting observation that the movement called "Modern" which was all about non-traditional has quickly developed some very strick traditions. -lol-
Just a thought from the peanut gallery.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie