Saturday, June 07, 2014

Winner and more fun

First off, thanks for playing along with my Clothworks giveaway.  I received more comments than I could practically handle!  I used the random number generator, and the winner of this is Sunny.  I have emailed her. If she doesn't respond by tomorrow, I will draw another person's name.  Thanks again, and refer to the Clothworks American Made Solids tour for more chances to win.

Here's a quick peek at some of the fun I am digging out to play with. I got these fat 8th bundles in April at MQX....They are so yummy, and soft, almost silky.  This is Michael Miller's Cotton Couture.
 In Paducah I got several shades of gray (yea, I know it is an odd choice for me!).  I just ordered some 4th yard cuts of a few additional colors too.  Gotta love Fabric Depot because they will cut a quarter yard.  I just needed a little more depth of color.
Here are all my colors, minus the grays.  I am playing with a HST die for the Accu cutter I also got at MQX.  I won't use this too much, but I think it is great for my daughter.  No knives and blades!
Here is a part (albeit small) of something I am starting.  Love all the colors!...and my crazy ironing board cover doesn't help any!
With 7-1/2 days of school left, I am frantically trying to finish a couple of client quilts.  This is one that IQF sent me to do.  It will be displayed at the Houston Quilt Festival quilt show in November.  There will be several of Frances Benton's quilts there.  She made many applique quilts.  It screams 1989-1990, but I am trying to bring it up a few decades with the quilting, all the while keeping somewhat in the traditional style in which it is made.  I need to check with my IQF contact to see if I can show more.  I have nearly reached the bottom of the 105" quilt.  Now I need to go back and outline all the appliques and do some detail stitching.  There's still probably 3 more full days of work, plus a very large binding!


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Hmm, those Cotton Couture solids do look yummy. I wonder how well they would play next to some Radiance?

Heritage Keepsakes said...

Wow, the quilting looks amazing. Just a question, you mentioned going back to outline the appliqué. Do you always do it that way, or do you sometimes outline first? I'm a little confused as to which way would be best.

sunny said...

What a beautiful little quilt. Your quilting is awesome!