Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last Month's Quilts

This is certainly not all of the client quilts I have done in the last month and a half, but a sampling of those that I actually photographed.  I was busy and away for 2 weeks, so who knows...maybe there weren't many more!

This was sent to me from a lady in NY.  The piecing is pretty and fall-like.  She chose this leafy allover panto, and it is stitched in a rust colored Glide thread.
 She wanted an economical quilting that showed movement of the falling leaves.
This is from my great Iowa client Erin.  I have quilted many for her, and just did another one today, in fact.  She wanted a quilting slightly more than an edge-to-edge.  It has this pretty flower fabric reminiscent of a vintage sheet.
The triangles are free-handed with continuous curves.  The floral triangles got a version of organic feathers (feathers, leaves and swirls), and I stitched the tan background with a ribbony filler.  The thread is a soft pink Glide, so it shows nearly everywhere in varying degrees.
 Lastly, Jean, one of my many California clients, sent me this.  I did her autumn quilt in February, so it is only fitting to do Christmas in April, right?!  It doesn't scream Christmas, but is clearly for the winter holiday season.  One thing that most of my California clients have in common is they do beautiful applique.  This is no exception.
 I used a soft ivory and baby blue So Fine thread on this.  A few areas were SID with a monofilament too.  Backgrounds were whimsical and flowy.  There are a few places I quilted holly and berries, but I wanted the references to the holidays to be as subtle in the quilting as they are in the applique.

 The winter scene above is my favorite - love this cardinals.
It is now home to Jean, along with the other quilt I did for her.  She's happily binding both.

I have been hand piecing away on the hexagons, and hope to show some of that progress next post. It's at that "very interesting" phase of a new project when it is difficult to tell where it is going!


Leeanne said...

A busy time, all lovely quilts and perfect quilting, such variety.

Tracey said...

Thanks for sharing....I relly enjoyed the quilting on the winter one....nicely done

Candle said...

Gorgeous patchwork!