Friday, April 24, 2015


The AQS Paducah show is still going on, but I am now home.  It was a whirlwind week of traveling to and from Kentucky.  I am happy to have a down day to sort through dirty laundry and new fabrics. Yes, I fell off the wagon big-time in my quest to make a new quilt without buying anything new.

I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time this week to leave me a message on the last post.  They really helped.  I left on the trip this Monday in a lackadaisical funk, not really wanting to go, but the messages, as well as the things many people said during the trip boosted my spirits.  I had nearly half a dozen people recognize me from my blog Tuesday morning as I was shopping at Hancocks of Paducah.  Yup...8:15am, minding my own business in a fabric store!  Every one of them gave me reassuring comments.   You all are so very kind and for that I am grateful.  The day of wandering around anonymous is gone. Many, many strangers recognize me.  I'm still getting used to that feeling.

This was a time of fun discovery for me.  A month or so ago, AQS contacted me asking for permission to use an image of my Shenandoah Falling quilt in some of their Paducah advertising.  I said yes.  A few weeks ago, I saw one of the ads in the magazine.  It was intriguing because it was a photo of a quilt  sort of accordion folded (not the typical flat quilt photographs). was their image to use as they wanted. the show I discovered it was on a flier for a summer show.  And, it was on the cover for the Awards program.  And the actual show book.  So I'm thinking that this is pretty cool to this point, but then I discover the next 2 places it was used...
It's the backdrop for this huge over-street banner in downtown Paducah, as well as this billboard sign! Yes, how many quilters can say that their quilt was on a road billboard?!? WOW

I arrived (gain with my daughter Sophie) om Monday.  The awards was Tuesday night.   It's more nerve-wracking not knowing ahead of time that you are getting anything, especially when there are more big-name entrants than I have ever seen.   All their other shows, they call the winners to notify them.  This show was stacked this year.   I got to talk with judge Scott Murkin before the awards about what it was like to see all of these great quilts, in one room, and to touch (yes, touch!) them.  I can only imagine the experience.  Not once did he let on that my quilt was getting an award.  Then again, he's not supposed to !  I was overjoyed  when they got to 1st place on the wall/longarm quilted and this was mine!  The quilt is hanging in a great spot, and looks lovely.  So proud.
Let me tell you - Paducah may have had a ton of big name quilter's quilts here, but plenty of people I have never heard of won ribbons.  Sadly, on the flip side, many of the well-known greats did not ribbon at all either though.  Where else can the BOS at both Houston and Road to California, two of the great shows in the US, go without a ribbon?!?  Very interesting.

Though I took several photos, I will only show a few here.  This quilt won the Best Home Machine Quilting award for larger quilts.  I have never heard of the maker, but it's fetching, and different.   
 The detail stitching on the feathers is beautiful.  I think this was the year of the feathers for me.
The BOS was the applique quilt by Karen Kay Buckley, quilted by Renae Haddadin.  This pair won this top award 2 yrs ago also.  I have showed this quilt here last year.  No big surprise that it took top honor.  The quilting just rocks.
 Miniatures are not in my future.  I think that these are 1/8" HSTs on this!
 This is David Taylor's winning quilt.  More feathers... It is Home machine quilting category for the wall quilts.
 His feathers details...
 Another first place from the wall quilts...and another bird. Crane or Heron, I presume.
The feathers, though different, were equally as intriguing.  I wonder how the ravely fabric wears with time.
One last day of school vacation, plenty of wash to do, a few errands, and finally the sun is shining outside.  Hopefully you are still in Paducah enjoying the quilts!


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Holy crap I knew I had a lot to say on the subject last post but I look like a crazy person with my giant run on. LOL Oh well - glad you are feeling better now and enjoyed your trip - loved seeing the photos...and it's kind of nice to see new quilts and new names popping up. What a special childhood you are giving your daughter bringing her to all these shows!

Strlady said...

I forgot to leave a comment on your social graces post. I had read that post and found it You don't quibble about your opinion. Not professionally or personally. That is who you are and those of us that read your blog enjoy your frankness.
As to Paducah... Next year I'm turning 50...let's not touch that one... and I'm planning to do a quilt show road trip with Nyshma and my NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!!! I have Paducah on the short list. Road to Cali is also on the short list. Which do you prefer?
congrats on your win! I was in houston last fall and got a look at your piece there. As always, and excellent showing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

Congrats on winning again. I have no doubt in my mind that you would win. Your are a really gifted quilter. I read your last post and I want you to know that I think your blog is very educatioal and I read it to learn from you.
I am a long arm quilter in Canada and I can't afford to go to the big shows. Your blog and knowledge helps me learn and I am hoping that someday I will have a quilt hanging in Houston too.


Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Congrats to you! So well deserved! Glad your spirits have been lifted!

Sue said...

Hello, Margaret...

I just found your blog today from a link in an Inklingo post, and promptly subscribed. I'm just dipping my toes into long arm quilting, and find your insight and design theory in the actual quilting process absolutely fascinating. I think learning execution will be infinitely easier than training the eye to recognize and enhance the potential beauty of a quilt through the quilting design.