Thursday, August 13, 2015

Little sewing, Little Vegging

The stash of the hexagon blocks is coming, slowly.  I thought I'd make up the last 3-4 blocks while I was traveling, but never found uninterrupted time.  I got one done, and two started though.  Now, if I could hone in on that layout for the blocks, I'd be getting somewhere...
 This block is wildly fun.  The outer row is in progress.
 Love this one...all done too.
And this is now done too.  Individually, some are a little bold, but all together their boldness seems to meld nicely.
My attentions are soon to be diverted though.  I have 6 weeks until I really want this quilt all done so it can be entered at Road to Ca. The show isn't until January, but photos of a quilt which "appears" finished (yes, including the binding) are due by Oct 1.  It was off the frame for weeks months so I could pick out 6-7 pleated areas.  Yesterday I restitched them.  I made a critical error with my very solid pink backing...I prewashed it, but failed to heavily starch it afterwards. The Live-n-learn list grows... Today I am calling it done-enough, and will get it onto the blocking surface.  No doubt that the binding will take a long time.  Here's an earlier post if you want to see more quilting photos.
 I am reveling in a nice win at the AQS Grand Rapids show, which is on right now.  My From the Bride's Trousseau quilt won a best machine quilting award!  It won a 1st 3 weeks ago at AQS's Syracuse show, while I was away in France.  I am very surprised how well this little whole cloth quilt has done.  The competition in Grand Rapids must be fierce.  My Bouquet Royale did not even place. Try again next month :-)

I will leave you with some pics from the gorgeous open markets of France.  The veggies and other are endless, and so very lovely to look at.
 dried fruits
 these are actually a tomato
 needs no explaining! Yumm!
 All kinds of seafood
One of my faves...olives
There are markets of fruits, meats, nuts, dry beabs and every kind of cheese you can imagine.  Not being a cheese-eater, though, I naturally have no pics of this! I probably should have taken a picture of the wine sections at the markets goes without saying that there were many!  And prices for many 1/2 bottles were in the 2-3 euro! A glass of wine is cheaper than a can of coke, by close to a dollar!

Happy Thursday~

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