Wednesday, August 26, 2015


That's a nice non-descriptive title, huh?!

If I wrote, "More Hexagons", then half of you would take for the hills.  But reality is, I have been doing relatively mundane things, and the hexagons are at the top of the interest list.  I am putting a binding on the silk wholecloth.  Yippy-do-da!...see, I told you...not so thrilling.  I also did a client quilt last weekend, but because it has rained here for 6 days (kind of getting like Scotland), I have crummy, dim-light photos that I may just not post.  I was more interested in getting it sent back to the owner than holding onto it until I could get a clear picture!
Today is my youngest's 9th birthday.  It's the last year of single digits in our house.  The past 2 days have been about cake making and other things for tonight's family party.  Because her day always falls before school starts, we hold off on the kid-party until mid September, when she knows who is in her class.  Yea for me - school resumes next week!
 I endeavor to make pretty cakes, but it is very clear I am a better quilter than cake decorator!
 Almost 9, and sporting all her Paris couture, in Paris no less!
 I have (I think!) finished the 21st and final hexagon block.  The layout I have been gravitating towards requires 21, but as you know, I have been through several possible layouts, including the one sketched above.  Clearly it is in all the wrong colors, but it was drawn in a heated moment when I just wanted to get these blocks machined together, and quickly.  The triangles would possibly be the only background fabric.  Some days I like its simplicity, others it just seems boring.  Who knows.
Here's a layout using 23 blocks.  The lighter ones at top and bottom center may be omitted to yield the next placement.  It would give me enough open space for quilting.  I think I like how the colors are arranged.  The blocks just need the final star points to be stitched on.  I am (again, I think) using Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids for these points.  It comes in nice bold, almost sherbet-like colors.  I have some small pieces in several colors ordered.  Next week I will make a decision about what color will go where.  I am hoping seriously that these points will bring further cohesion to the placement, as one bolder color will be for the center 9 blocks, and a softer, cooler color(s) will be used for the other 12.  My thinking is that the background will still be the silk Radiance.  Pricey, but I think the effect is worth it.  I will first get the stars done, then rethink the background.  Lotsa applique!
Here's the final hexagon... Whoo-hooo!
 One last look at how I make my hexie blocks, as it is a bit different from the traditional EPP method.  I use Marti Michell's cutting template for a 1" hexie.  This means it is 1" per side.  I use this to mark where to cut.  The smaller Templar template is exactly 1" per side, and this is used to mark the back of each fussy-cut hexagon.  This line is where I sew, bu hand.  I stitch each seam separately, back tracking with 2-3 stitches on each end before knotting.  Yes, this is 90 seams! These blocks are more secure than anything you'd machine stitch!  The front is pretty and the backside is too.  My reasons for making them this way are this -- the seams can easily be pressed to the side.  I don't want open seams because it's a pain for quilting should I choose to ditch stitch.  There is no ditch!  Also, I don't like the added step of gluing or basting onto the papers.  My block is easy to hold as I am stitching because it is not filled with paper.  It is my version of Inklingo, which many quilters use, but easier because there is no printer involved.
  I have a lovely heart applique quilt started on my machine.  Next week I should have something beautiful to show!

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