Thursday, October 08, 2015

A March Finish

March, you ask?...yes apparently I finished this in March and it was never posted.  Actually, I have another client that has sent the very same quilt, and I told her she could see what I did on a previous one, and then it just could not be located on this blog.  I'm assuming I was too busy and never posted pictures.  So for your benefit, and her's, here it is!
 I can't tell you who designed this, but it is lovely.  The background is scrappy neutrals.
 I quilted this with either So Fine or Glide (hard to tell), and I know it has wool batting.  Every applique is outline stitched with clear nylon thread -- a task that takes 6-8 hours with this much applique.
 While much of the background is quilted with meandering feathers, it is broken up somewhat with some framing around the flowers.
 Look at the attention to detail...the flower centers are fussy cut!
The outer edge has simple, yet effective 1/2" lines to finish it and draw the eye outward.  It is a technique I use frequently, and really like.

Stay tuned next week for another version of this same quilt!


Vicki W said...

Oh gosh, that's lovely!

Leeanne said...


JennyJos37 said...

Best quilting I've ever seen! I get excited when seeing your post in my inbox! Such lovely work!