Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bad Photography...Beautiful Quilt

Here is another quilt like the one I showed last week (which was actually quilted in the early spring). It's gorgeous applique, and this client of mine from CA (what are the odds that BOTH of these pretty quilts were made by ladies from Napa?!) does exceptional applique.  Gosh, maybe she'd like to applique a show quilt for me...tee hee.
 I totally flubbed the photos of this quilt.  They were done with my phone.  I thought they were going to be fine, good light and all, but look at the crud I got!  Go figure, the quilt is already in a box, so I won't disturb it for another photo shoot.
 I used a single layer of Hobbs Tuscany wool - shows off the applique beautifully.  The thread on the entire quilt is cream Bottomline.  This is a 60wt thread so it is very thin.  I rarely use this as a top thread.  I think one time years ago it gave me issues, and I swore not to use it again.  Rules are meant to be broken.  This quilted up beautifully, with no thread buildup, just glorious texture.  Plus, it is much cheaper than silk!
 The body of the quilt is filled with pretty, flowing, curling feathers.  It just breathes romance.
 Much of the feathering is just with a randomly sketched like for the spine, but there are some places where I was careful to create beautiful symmetry.

 The back, though not evident by my cruddy picture, is beautiful.
Jean also sent me a couple of ~30"x30" wall-hangings also.  These are clearly by the same pattern, and same fabrics.  I quilted them differently for fun.  She's giving them to friends of her's as gifts.
 The border fabric has this subtle check printed on it - sure made doing the cross-hatching a breeze...not super fast, but basically brainless.  This mini got a fun feather filler that I do, and a different design in the corners.  It has wool batting and a Glide thread.
 Both of these minis have a flange stitched before the outer border.  I think that these must be the rage right now.  I just got another quilt today that has blocks flanged off.  I did one a few weeks ago too. The flange looks great when it is just a flimsy, but they have a wretched habit of not laying as well after quilting.  I always caution quilters that they may get the quilt back and decide the flange needs stitching down.
 This background is a pebbly version of a McTavish.  Same batting and thread I believe as the other mini.
 And...the back, because you just can't see what I did on that border by looking at the brown printed top!  It is a little different.


Leeanne said...

I can see your beautiful just fine. Loving all the textures!

Karen Lambdin said...

I think the pictures are just fine. I can easily see all the lovely quilting you did on these. Wow, she's gonna be thrilled! I just wanted to say what a big fan I am... I have all of your articles in MQU right beside my machine, so in essence, you are there helping me while I quilt :)

Susan Lawson said...

Very pretty!

Sandi Whitford said...

Your crappy photos do not take away from the beauty of this quilt! Gorgeous! Makes me want to try piece a soft appliqué quilt and finish it with lots of great quilting! Beautiful!