Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Book Release!

Without further wait, here is the book I have spent the last several months writing. It has been a project in the works for several years, as a variety of feather content has been drawn, quilted and now, finally, written into book form!

The book is for new quilters who have not yet quilted feathers, as well as those that have some feathering ability, and desire more. I cover quilting feathers from the ground up, showing many varieties of feather that you may customize to either your personal taste, or the design of the quilt. I discuss ways to place serpentine and twirling feathers onto borders, as well as more specialized borders.  Dozens of designs are included for quilting feathers into common shapes like squares and triangles.
 There is an entire chapter devoted to feathered wreaths as well.
If you are interested in quilting feathers into background spaces, or in lieu of a pantograph, this is included also. Unfortunately because of book size, I withheld a chapter on narrower feathered borders, but this can be found in my Narrow Borders book.

Please feel free to spread the word. This book is available on my website and from me at the select shows I teach at.  It is 88 pages of color instructions, photographs and illustrations. The cost is $25.

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Laura T said...

Hi Margaret,
Will you have your books at Road to CA show to purchase there? It looks amazing!!
Laura T