Monday, January 29, 2018

New Client Quilt - The Tree of Life

I feel like I should know who the designer of this 69"x79" Tree of Life quilt is, but it escapes me. It was made by my client, and has lovely turned-edge applique. The amount of brown grew on me - LOL! It is a beautiful mix of traditional motifs and more Jacobian floral designs.
I tried to keep it more traditional, putting feathers in the border, and throughout the center panel.
Marilyn sent wool batting, but I added a layer of 80/20 underneath to really pop these appliques. She is hoping to send this to the Vermont quilt show.
Because the flowers are playful, I allowed the quilting designs in the clamshells to be a bit playful too. These are stitched with a rust Magnifico thread. The center is with my favorite YLI polished Poly.
Floral borders (this is ~4" wide) are challenging because feathers don't show nicely. Usually a linear pattern is most effective. I like the 1/2" lines.
 Oh, such beautiful texture...
Here is another shot at the center panel. The birds are whimsical, as are the flowers. It is pretty to give a flowing background of strategically placed feathers to help the eye move.
Hoping my client likes her quilt :-) ...on to another one.


Marj said...

Beautiful quilt and wonderful quilting.

Unknown said...

Wow just beautiful, love the quilting.

lvkwilt said...

Absolutely stunning quilt and quilting...I think it might be a Pat Campbell design.

Lynne Stucke said...

Who wouldn't love it???? Stunning work!!!!