Friday, June 28, 2019

June Quilts

Here are two of the custom quilts I finished this month. They will soon be flying their way back to California.

This cutie is such a unique baby quilt, in its pink and blue. This client does tons of applique, and you know how I love to work on fun applique quilts (especially when they are simpler than the Ladies of the Sea!) It was her Ladies of the Sea quilt done a few years that spawned the interest of at least 6 others to get theirs done.
The quilt has just a single layer of wool batting and is quilted with a variety of threads. Roofs were quilted to resemble thatching or shingles. I particularly like the puffy smoke exiting the chimneys.
Cats and dogs (and maybe other critters) adorn the houses and gardens.
So fun...
There's a variety of fills and designs to give the quilt lots of texture.
The second quilt I did for her is very different in style from the first as well as from most of her other quilts that I have done. This is applique & embroidery to the max, all done on this really wild newsprint fabric.
The newsprint is a super cool and textural looking background fabric, but it poses ALL sorts of issues for the quilter, namely...what do I do to make the quilting show??

My first line of attack was to double batt the wool with a layer of 80/20. Then I had to think carefully about what fills were placed beside of each other. The picture above shows the quilting, but it also has a location with really good side light.

Here's the backside, which has a slightly less printy fabric.
 The blocks received a variety of designs from crosshatching to stipple. I don't normally stipple, but seriously, it does not show at all whatever I use!
The 4 blocks were framed using my Quatrefoil template (see my website and look at the templates if you are interested in getting your own). Then each block was quilted in a way that suited the piecing or applique of the block.
I carried a small bit of x-hatching to the top of this one, as space allowed, but the rest is just stippled.
Another side view shows the pretty texture.
Have a nice 4th week-

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