Wednesday, October 16, 2019

May I Please Have your Attention

I've been looking at Pinterest for inspiration today. Unfortunately, it has mostly made my blood boil at the number of pictures that I know have been pirated directly from this blog. I'm not going to waste my time to list the names of people that I know have taken images, but you know who you are.

Please note that there is a copyright at the right (have a look please).  All I ask is that you contact me, and ask before copying my posted photos. I happily share my quilting and techniques. I rarely tell people no when they ask to use a photo for something. I ask one thing in return - be honest. If it's not your's or you have not asked for permission to share it, then leave it.

Thank you.


shoshu said...

i'm so sorry, your work is such an inspiration, thank for for sharing, please keep doing so despite all the unscruplousness

Food and Fiber Floozie said...

I don't know if you know, but if you contact PINTEREST (I'm not sure how that happens) they will remove the picture.

Klue said...

It's just crazy that you have to remind people about this. Don't let it ruin your sewjo. i love your work and madly love your rulers.

Farm Quilter said...

That is just so wrong!! That is why I always put a water-mark across my pictures on my blog - I try to make it so that if the watermark is removed, it ruins the picture, but that sometimes makes it difficult to see the picture as well. I enjoy pinning things to my pinterest page that I have pinned from other blogs so that there is a direct link back to that blog if someone clicks on the pin. With all the work that designers put into their creations, it is really stealing to claim their work as your own. I wish there was a way to correct this that didn't cost a ton of money and time.