Monday, October 14, 2019

Quilting On

I just finished 3 quilts for a client. These are going to be gifts for her grown children. I don't work with quilts made from novelty prints often, but I gotta assume that at least one of her sons likes hockey. She moved from Las Vegas recently (hence the Vegas border fabric). Both boy quilts are identical in design, just with different fabrics.
With the prints, it really made more sense to quilt an edge-to-edge. The client wanted them custom, so I chose simple geometric patterns for these two quilts. When a quilt has hockey puck fabric, it doesn't need feathers LOL! There are lots of linear patterns, stacked spirals in the large squares and a simple and rather edgy pattern in the tan narrow border.
 The second quilt is in a bright gold and navy blue combo, and I chose to quilt it with gold thread.
 Again, there are more linear/geometric patterns. By the way, who are the Nashville Predators? must be another hockey team. Pro-sports idiot that I am...
This is the last one and it is for her daughter. She called it Fractured, so it may actually be a pattern. I am not sure. I love how it looks. 

I actually quilted it in a gold colored YLI Polished poly thread. Why gold, you ask?...well, I wanted to choose one color thread for all of it to make the quilting appear cohesive. I also wanted a color that would show up on all of the fabrics, from the beige background to the many shades of purple, blue and pink.
It has a rather wide-ish neutral border. I juxtaposed the rather modern looking interior with a more traditional type of quilting. The cathedral windows and feathers are very pretty at framing the quilt.
 Here's another look...
 The continuous curve was stitched with a 4" circle template. I weighted doing a double line of quilting but decided against it. The border is what shows most; put the time into that and not the CC.

I've got one of Jackie Kunkel's quilts loaded next, but I'm not sure it is one I'll be able to share immediately. Soon... (I know, she always makes such pretty creations!)


Susie Q said...

I have never had such special quilting done on a quilt. It makes it so much more special.

Always In Stitches said...

I was waiting too see what you did to the broken glass quilt. Perfect. Not sure that broken glass is the correct name but that's what my brain told me.