Thursday, December 04, 2008

Alien Food??

One might think that this is alien food at first blush. Actually, this is my feeble attempt at bringing a little holiday cheer into our thus far, undecorated-for-Christmas home(unless you count the fact that the stocking holders are ontop of the china hutch, and have been since last year ...ooohhh the gasps!!). I have all but decided not to put out the outside lights this year. It's been wicked cold for nearly a month now, and this is a definite outdoor, freeze your butt off job that will fall at my feet. Also, we got so much freakin snow last year, the lights were up (not lit mind you) until late April since the cords were burried into 2-3 feet of snow and ice for 4 (yes FOUR) months. This year is simpler. I usually have a mini tree in our balcony nook (visible from outside and from our upstairs, but not accessible by anyone but our precocious kitten. It will not go up this year, Gee...wonder why?? Hopefully this weekend we will attempt getting a tree from the tree farm.
Anywho...I decided on a wild hair it'd be fun for my younger two to make a few Christmas cookies today. They like to mix this and that, but when it gets right to it, they really like to pour on the colored sprinkles and eat them. So I went with store bought sugar cookie and gingerbread doughs. It was a hit.
These are a little scarry, but heck, they loved making them, as usual.
And here's 30 seconds after they went in the oven. "Are they done yet??"

Happy shots making the alien creations. A couple of aliens will undoubtedly decend on the cookie jar tonight after the kids retire, if you get my drift.
And as for quilty progress...there's a ton of it going on, but it's all for holiday gifts and I cannot share it right now. I have a couple of jobs nearly completed, and a couple more that need about 10 of the next 21 days to complete. I promise, on Dec 24 I will start to post some good shots. And I will have about a week of these :-)
Oh, took my 4 year old shopping for him to select a present for his 6 yr old brother. The first words out of his mouth later were to tell his brother! Coulda strangled the little bugger!!
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