Saturday, December 27, 2008

A 2009 Project

I joined the Black & White challenge (see sidebar for link) recently. I have been inspired by what the participants have been showing. All I had to show for weeks was my effort of gathering fabrics. I didn't really have a quilt plan, or an idea what my one additional color would be. Now I think I know that I will use shades of deep red to burgundy. I hope to use this quilt (a lap size) on my bed in the winter (when I freeze and my hubby sweats!).
Here's a peek at some of the 4.5" blocks I had cut last week. I actually have several more fabrics too, they just did not make it into the picture.
The arduous task of making 96 HST's... These are done half dark and half light, for the points of the six large blocks (sixteen each).
I played with my new EQ6 program a bit since receiving it on Christmas. I gave up on completing the outer border, but you get the general idea. The quilt is kind of simple, but I hope to let the patterns of the fabrics be the focal. Additionally, where there are tan squares below, will be black and white photographs of my kids, printed on fabric.
Here's a sneek glimpse at a few of the pictures I have chosen for this...They will be about 4" square when printed. Pretty cute. The girl IS a camera magnet.


Desiree said...

Wow what a great idea! I made a little mini quilt for this challenge, on a whim, but haven't decided what to do for my "official" project. Lots of luck!

black bear cabin said...

i look forward to following your progress...the design, with colors choices, and photographs should look fabulous together!

Audrey said...

That will look so cool!! Can hardly wait to see the finished product.