Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Couple of Birthday Blocks

Something to show! These have been sitting around my dining room for 2 months, and I finally mailed them yesterday. They were made for my About.com Birthday block swap that Kate coordinates. These are my group 4 blocks. The recipient wanted only blue and yellow, on her yellow background that was provided. She's setting them on point.
(needle-turned applique)
I have also done two other blocks for the group 3 recipients, but they are a tad boring this month. No pictures this time :-) Now, if only I can actually receive the rest of the NYB blocks I was due in November!...


floribunda said...

yes, I'm still missing a couple of house blocks from September... I had some correspondence with one person, but haven't heard a word from the other! (but her block month hasn't come up yet, she added in anticipation of a "free" month.)

Unknown said...

Margaret - it will be on its way soon - honest - it's the next thing on my list and I've just cleared a huge pile of stuff from my cutting table to be able to see the wood for the trees