Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Lazy bloggers get no respect or readers! Things have been so busy for me lately. I have one more class before finals next week. Then, no class prep for 4 straight weeks. Yea! I have been out straight sewing to complete a couple of Christmas presents.
In lieu of pictures of real sewing progress, here's a couple shots of Linus flimsies that I did about 3-4 weeks ago. The top one is all greens from a scrap bag that needed pruning. The border fabric, though it does not show well, has cute little red lady bugs. I may also applique a ladybug to the quilt before it is finished. These are all from my vast collection of florals- mostly scraps or pieces donated or acquired at Linus events. This top is 40"x50" and may get a border too. Once Christmas is past, I will get them quilted and finished.
Right now, that takes precedence over everything. I had 2 quilts off being quilted. They have both returned home to me safely, about 7-10 days ago. Thanks Ginger, your tips for quilters were both first rate. Except for a couple snaffus with each quilt, they are done, bound, washed and awaiting the freakin' wrapping fairy (AKA me) to get them ready for the tree. Since their arrival, however, I decided it'd be nice to make pillow shams. It really sucks to be SO ambitious, I tell you. Of course I had to order more of the Moda Simplicity charm squares to do this. Yes, OF COURSE. And the other shams just needed this fabric, which is scattered throughout the quilt. I think I initially had 6 6" squares of the stuff, and didn't even know it's name (that made the search process a bit more tricky!!). It's colorful stuff, and I knew it was Kaffe Fassett (or Philip Jacobs), and now know it is called Turquoise Grandiose. I found a shop in Portsmouth, NH with it in stock. Figured that is only an hour away, it oughtta arrive in a day or two. It's for accents.

So, rather than sewing this afternoon, since three of my fingers have needle wounds from hand quilting to an excessive amount, I opted to start wrapping presents. Kids love to unwrap lots of little things. But I sure HATE wrapping so many little goodies. I have only gotten through their stocking stuffers. Phew...
Our tree is partially up. OK, it is up, and decorated partially on the upper 2/3. The kitten we have is not so trustworthy yet so there's no fun baubbles within her reach. The poor clawless rat can't get too far up it trunk either! I may just have to chop off those branches anyhow to get the ton of presents we have underneath the tree :-)
Have a great weekend, and be patient. Only 2 more weeks and I have a least a week's worth of goods to show, one new project each day-


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Desiree said...

Those green scrap box blocks are really pretty!