Monday, December 15, 2008

Wipe this Happy Grin from my Face!!

Even as the hostess of a swap, I never expect to get such an absolutely incredible quilt!! This arrived today, and I am speachless...happy with glee! I need no Christmas presents, my holiday is complete. Thanks to the very most talented quilters that worked on it...Rose Marie, Carol, Liliane and Anne. Your work is amazing.
I just love how Lil's applique Iimpeccably done and needle-turned too) flows from the center block through the two borders. She's technically the 2nd border quilter, but she has tied the entire quilt together so beautifully. It's hard to tell where one quilter's work ends and the next one begins.
This piece is destined to hang in my daughter's bedroom, which is decorated in shades of pink, butter yellow, soft turquoise, and bright apple green. Think that it will look awesome???! most definitely.
Anne has outdone herself on the quilting too. The flower stamen and butterfly antennae are so neatly done, and the addition of the colors in the quilting is really very nice. I always love to see work done by truly talented quilters; it gives me such inspiration to work towards.
I personally would have never have had the guts to use this red dot as the background behind her flowers, but it works SO well. It's bold, and busy and just looks like there are more flowers in this garden paradise.
Many thanks again to all of you. I truly hope that you love your quilt as much as I do. Have a wonderful Christmas.


Emma said...

No wonder you're happy, what a fabulous quilt! Those spots were genius, and I love the way the borders are blended together!

Desiree said...

What a beautiful quilt!! You are lucky to have such talented friends and your daught is lucky to have such a wonderful wallhanging in her room!

Anonymous said...

That is stunning! Love how the vines extending through the entire quilt! Gorgeous!!

Vicki W said...

That's one of the best RR quilts I have ever seen!