Monday, February 09, 2009

A weekend finish - Number 7 for this year

This past weekend, I finished the second Linus top made from the remaining 12 Jacob's Ladder blocks that Kate sent me. She sent 24 in all, and I finished one of them in mor boy-ish fabrics a couple weeks ago. This one has more purple, pink and yellow, and is sashed in plum - much more fitting of a little girl.
I've seen a pantograph pattern done lately that is similar to what I attempted - large loops/petals. I am quite pleased with how this one came out. Except for a number of thread breaks, which I do not typically have to deal with, it went rather quickly (for me!) - about 3.5 hours to sash, sandwich, quilt and bind. The binding is done on machine. I completely violates all of my own principles of "Never, but Never sew down a binding on machine". But, these are donation quilts that will be used and washed so I think that the machined bindings are OK for that purpose.
Here's a couple other views. The colors are very soft and pretty. I especially love that bright lime green with the purple sashing (and the salmon tones too).


Rhonda said...

I love Jacob's Ladder designs. You did a great job sewing the block together, quilting and binding the quilt. And you are absolutely right, it's ok to machine stitch the binding for donation quilts that will be lovingly used alot. Take care.

katelnorth said...

Looks great - nice to see those blocks used for something and not just stuck in a box in my sewing room!