Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Leaves Quilting

I pondered for about a week before it came to me. I just love the leaves, and the batiks, and didn't want to overpower the design with the quilting. The owner sent me thread she liked - Rainbows from Superior. It is a shiny, almost rayon-like thread (but it's 40 wt polyester). I had not yet sewn with this thread, not even on my other machine. Despite liking the look of the thread when the quilt is finished, I completely HATED the experience of sewing with it. It has a tendency to ravel, and it broke way more times than a regular poly would. I have heard from my rep that variagated threads sometimes do that. Not sure I will use it again soon...But that's just my humble opinion! Is it a perfect color for this quilt? Absolutely.

Please do double click and look closer...

Despite my fledgling abilities and the new thread, the quilt really turned out attractive. There are a few places on the back where I think the tension does not look ideal I used the 18 needle that Superior recommends for this thread, but it seems like the hold size is too large for the tightly woven batik fabric. I suspect once washed, all will be just great though. I also thought I was going to run into a pucker problem. The borders are very nicely mitered at each corner. Lovely, yes, but prone to streching. Fortunately when I removed the quilt and rotated for doing the last 2 borders, it quilted without incident. Phew. Those residual white marks have been removed too (marking chalk).

Before I started sewing, I was watching the leaves dropping all over my back yard. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for a pattern. The simple swirling loops depict the motion of the leaves so beautifully, without overpowering the background with this colorful quilting thread.
I think it turned out pretty. Just hope the new owner thinks so too. It's off to her in PA today.


Andee said...

The quilt is very pretty and I think your quilting adds to it! Nice job--despite difficult thread!

Doris said...

Variegated thread can be a pain, I can't even imagine using it on a longarm! I love what you did with this quilt and it makes me excited to get mine to you!

Great job!