Monday, November 02, 2009

Just thoughts, Few Words

What am I doing?...itching to make acceptable feathers. Yea, right...what longarm quilter isn't?! Practicing like crazy and scouring the internet for technique. My best resource...No surprise here; she's awesome. I'm obviously not, but I try often.
Playing on a different medium...canvas. It didn't give me the tensioning hickups I expected. I have a customer wanting this very fabric quilted, and I am a little stumped creatively as to how to "geometrically" quilt in the style of the fabric, and still have it look good. Freehanded geometric is just an oxymoron. It will just look sloppy if not executed perfectly.
Not wanting a floral design, I tried something different. To me, this pattern settles the busyness of the geometric fabric, without competing with it. The wavy motion sings to me nicely, but I'm not the determining factor. Really I just want a good idea that is more interesting than stippling.
Don't get me wrong, stippling works just grand, and many people love it, but I prefer it when the stitching is not so evident, and all stitching shows on this fabric due to the multitude of colors. Stippling is a perfect quilting for more printed fabrics (less solids), and less variation between fabrics and thread. Just my opinion.
What's your's?


Vicki W said...

Have you joined MQResource?

It's a great place for help, inspiration and to make more quilting friends!

Diva Quilts said...

I really dislike stippling! I've never done it myself, mostly because I find myself bored by what I see a lot of, and I see a LOT of stippling.

I'm totally in favour of your doing something new! :D

Kathy said...

Margaret, you are doing GREAT!

sam said...

We would LOVE to see you on MQResource.

calicodaisy said...

That feather stitch is great! I'm working on my backing for the quilt I'm sending you. Hope to send it off next week.
-- michele