Thursday, September 09, 2010

This week's list

I took Mr. LA into the "dealer" for its pre-annual servicing. It is technically still under warranty so I wanted to address a few nagging issues before they are on my dime. As a result, I am without a means to quilt for 6 days and have that mounting "normal sewing" list to tackle. Here's what I must do between now and next Wednesday:

1. piece two tops, twin sized, commission jobs - very similar to this quilt. One top is in 2 large pieces, and needs the borders. OK, I need to go buy the border fabric too! The other is in numerously more pieces, and still needs many of those fussy-cut birds & butterflies.

2. quilting bees...I have not done my August block for one of two Bees I am in, and now we are into September, and there are yet again, 2 more blocks (4 total) that I must do.

3. piece backing for one of my own quilts

4. finish paper piecing on my Italian floor quilt (this is only a personal goal - there's no pressing deadline here)

5. piece the next rows on this quilt top so that I have it available for hand appliquing when on trips or at appointments.

6. Plan the quilting for a sweet pink & white custom quilt that I must do as soon as Mr. LA is back home.

7. Figure out how to get out of making 3 Halloween costumes. If you have read this blog long, you know that despite loving to sew, you know I hate to make costumes. Goal: Make one lamb costume and buy 2 boys costumes, somewhere, somehow.

Not sure I can accomplish all of that in 6 days (and grade/prep Thermo), but I shall try.

Here's a quilt I did last weekend for my aunt. She brought me years worth of her tops last month. I've done her first of 5 quilts. It didn't photograph great. The quilt is nice colors; I really love the pop the aqua batik gives. Consequently, I quilted it in a soft aqua too.
It is the pantograph windblown (I think). I like this panto, as it quilts up rather quickly.
And another customer quilt. It's a stack & whack, with large white squares for quilty playing.
Here's a closer look at the feathered hearts I stuck in the 12 solid squares.
Now, go sew!

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Ivory Spring said...

Beautiful quilting, Margaret! That heart is amazing!!! I am going to have borrow that motif one of these days if you don't mind.