Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MQX - Installment #3

Class #1... Bit of Bella, taught by Linda McCuean
yes, you guessed it, as in Judge Linda. I had hoped to take her Judges Review seminar, to gain insight into what judges look for, but it conflicted with my other interests. I took this instead. It was advertised as a "wholecloth" class, so I really expected it would be a more conventional approach - where a design is made that encompasses one-eighth of a quilt, mirrored, etc. - similar to what I am taking online at MQResource (and have shown barely a picture of my progress - doh!). I was pleased to see it was different than that, and focused largely on placing geometric "splotches" of design within other free quilted patterns. None of this was done with rulers, except to mark the grids.
This is my mostly finished mini-quilt. I had it maybe half-done when I left MQX, and put it on the machine on Sunday afternoon to complete. I have several customer obligations as well as my own show quilt to finish, but I knew that this would only take a couple hours. I have 2 more incomplete quilts from MQX classes to finish eventually as well.

Here's a few close-ups of my quilt. We place a marked grid on a 1/2" scale into the background of the quilt. The goal is to not have it looking like a perfect square plunked down into the quilt background, but to have it appear to flow. The diamond grid was harder to work with. My brain thinks better in squares :-)

BTW, the basic poppy part of this quilt was already marked for us. We started by outlining that, and then marking and stitching our backgrounds.

She gave all of us high contrast threads, which is NOT something I'd personally do. This would look drastically different stitched out in a soft yellow thread. But the green thread has a way of tainting the background color towards the green, while leaving the flowers and unquilted areas more yellow. Here's a peek at the detail of Linda's quilt...

She brought 5-6 of the same quilt, all done with different fabrics and different threads. Her style on these quilts is much like how I want to think - love the appearance of meticulous details, but doesn't want to be bogged down with time-consuming things and excess order. These quilts are about being random and free-handed. Now, once I email her the picture of my completed quilt, she says she'll mail us binding that matches! FYI - this is a polished cotton with a single wool batt. I've never bought or worked with this type fabric, but it has a nice sheen and she recommends it for wholecloth quilts. Here's a couple of suppliers for those interested...www.fabricall.com ($6.99 per yd for 54" wide) and www.paylessfabric.com ($6.25 per yard for 44" wide) - several colors available.


Linda had a special exhibit at MQX also, displaying 10-12 of her quilts from over the years. I love studying her style, so I have several closer-ups. Enjoy!

lots of yards of white thread here...

This (I think) is actually a close up of the 1st one I showed that appears pink. So much marking involved in these quilts.

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