Friday, August 27, 2010

Great suggestions

Thanks to all of those that left me good suggestions yesterday. It would seem that joining both guilds is a good idea, but I am not convinced of that. There is bad blood between these 2 groups. Guild A splintered off of Guild B some years ago, for reasons I don't know or care to know. I don't want to appear indecisive by joining both, nor do I want to make some of them angry at me. Plus it is a cost, and double the obligation for time which I have enough difficulty making one guild's meetings twice a month. So, I continue thinking this over...

I'll leave you with a very interesting picture. It's not a collage, but a glimse of my new business cards, printed by Moo. They are simply devine; I highly recommend these to anyone. They say they will print 50 different images, but I kept uploading to at least 75 before I decided I'd done enough. The paper is very heavy cardstock. So, some of you maysee one of your quilts below (my thanks for allowing me to quilt a masterpeice for you!).


Crystal Hendrix said...

I hope you have fun in the guilds!! :D

I had a long arm question for are so talented!!! How did you learn?? I am trying to teach myself and it just seems slow going!!! But I had a question....when you put a quilt on, do you baste around the whole edge of the quilt first? Then roll it back up and start at the beginning??? I have just done some simple stippling and want to try some more detailed work, but I am so nervous!!!! ARG! But I know you create such BEAUTIFUL designs so I wanted your advice!! :D

Anonymous said...

I have to say it is soo cool to see my quilt on a card!:-))You make all my quilts look wonderful!! Thank you!!