Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Things

Today marks the first day of school. The boys just left on the bus, one a little apprehensive, the other quite excited. He's going on to a different school this year. Miss S is starting preschool again today too, and I am off to see my probably less-than-eager Sophomore Thermo students. Isn't life grand??! At least I will have afternoons to sew...
We had one last hoorah yesterday. It was a totally hot and gorgeous day - high 80's, sunny, etc. We spent 3 hours at the beach, and then went to what is becomming an annual summer tradition for us (as well as a ton of other Mainers) -an afternoon lunch at The Lobster Shack. It's an absolute must for any tourist, but it's fun for the locals too. Sophie is finally old enough that she can mostly climb the rocks safely. It epitomizes the Maine coastline to perfection. I always try to take some pictures of the kids for holiday cards. Some years they are less cooperative (if you get my drift!). This one is pretty good but I goofed and took it on "horribly low resolution" so it likely won't print well.
And later this week, more quilty things like three runners just completed...
And, my adventures at a local guild quilt show and the Olivia quilt I made for Project Linus that I showed there... (just a teaser peek today)
And a picture of this beast, which is now on my longarm. It's amazingly enormous. Seriously, who has a bed THIS large?? Have a good week, and come back in a couple days!


Yvette said...

So great that you could go to the beach to mark the last day of summer vacation! The kids look so happy.

Good luck with the beast. His smaller twin will be coming to see you soon. LOL

Luckybear said...

What a lovely surprise to see a mention of the Lobster Shack. My husband and I were married in Cape Elizabeth. Since most of our guests were from away, we invited everyone to the rehearsal dinner at the Lobster Shack. It was a so much and really gave everyone a taste of the real Maine.

-Kari Day