Thursday, August 26, 2010

At a Crossroads

Life often finds me stuck at some crossroad wondering which way to go. Usually, I have no problem quickly assessing the pros and cons of the situation and making a decision. When this is not the case, I tend to get frustrated. I am bothered by indecision, especially in myself. Seriously, who cannot look at a menu and select a meal? Or decide between two pieces of fabric? Or between two possible guilds?

Today is the 4th anniversary of the scarriest and best day of my life. My daughter came into the world in harrowing fashion, scaring me nearly to death. She's a delight of a daughter, well mannered, happy, loving and sweet. We cannot imagine our lives without her.
And lastly, because my blogging has been a bit sketchy lately - here's a quilt I finished recently. She didn't really like the top. It was a mystery top done at a quilt shop class. I think she really liked what I did with the quilting. It's a slight departure, even for me, but it brings a different dimension to the simple layout.
It was cloudy and rainy this week so my pictures are muddy. The center was done to mimic the pinwheels that are in the corners. One of the prints is SO busy that little shows up on it.
And a peek at the border and center of the more neutral blocks. The desigh mimics that which is in one of the fabrics.
So, My Saturday is busy with the guild A quilt show. And then I am sadly back to working 3 mornings a week come Monday. On the flipside, kids are back to school so my afternoons will be clear sailing/quilting!


Sherry said...

I hve ben in your shoes. Tring to go t a group that have been together for many years.Its not easy. But hang in there and things will pick up but you shouldn't be looking at it as oly getting 2 quilts from them to do. Some people already have the own quilters and some people can not afford gettig them done they d i them self. Just think if you have been in the group for many years and a new long arem quilter come to the pack how would you feel if all of a sudden every onr goes to her. Theres no reason you can't join both go them when you can and if you get any jobs then it should be a bonus. Your looking at it as if I join I want busness. This is not what joining a group should be. Go have fun slowing get t know the and then it will all some together. You do good work but it takes TIME to buildup a cliental. Good luck and do't forget enjoy there company.

Karen said...

I agree with what Sherry says. I just sent my quilt to a long arm quilter for the 1st time. She belongs to 4 guilds! I think you need to see it more as am opportunity to make quilting friends rather than business though I'm sure you will build your business from the guilds. It will take time and them getting to know you and your work. You need to remember money is tight, even for quilters and they may not be sending out their quilts or they are happy with the person they are using. Try to be patient, join both guilds as Sherry said, go when you can and enjoy the quilting fellowship!
Happy Birthday to your daughter! 4 is such a fun age!

Strlady said...

Just recently went through that same ordeal. To Join or not to join - that is the question.
I love, love, love Guild A, which I discovered first and which have always made me feel welcome and part of the group. It's a larger guild and because it's 45 minutes away from my home, I have not really been able to deepen my relationship with anyone. Guild B is just 15 minutes from my home but I have never felt part of the group. Although I have been a member for a year I cannot say I have ever felt like anything more than a visitor. I honestly have been so disappointed with that group, I decided that I would not renew my membership next year. I have started going to another Guild which also meets 45 minutes away but has members that are more local to me. I'm hoping that I can join some smaller bees that will give me some quilty friends now that my daughter has moved to NH.

On your situation, I would take a bit of Sherry's advice. Check the business at the door and enjoy the guild for what it is. Eventually you will have a chance to put your name out there and the business will profit from the friendships you develop. Good Luck and Happy Birthday to your little piece of heaven!!

Kathy said...

I vote for joining them both. It will be an excellent way for you to develop a ties to many quilters in your area. Personally, I am not in our area guild, however many people I know have joined 2 guilds and participate in some of the activities of both. I hear about the meetings and exchanges they do when I have been at retreats with members of both guilds. I'm sure a guild would be something I'd be interested in joining when I have retired from teaching and have more time available.

Debbie Cook said...

Is there a particular reason that you can't join both?

Laurel H. said...

Join both. Go when you can. One of the ladies in my quilting group is a member of FOUR local groups. If it were me, I'd definitely join both, and I'd go when I could. If there were some days where it had to be one or the other, I'd make it a priority to go to guild A's meetings.