Monday, January 31, 2011

My Absense

Pardon me, friends, for I have been away for a few days to Greensboro, NC watching her skate to gold at the US Nationals. This was a Christmas gift from my husband. It might have been more appropriate a few years ago when I really skated a lot, but he was definitely trying to give something I'd like. Seriously, what was wrong about sending me to Houston or Paducah though??! The trip had ups and downs, too many to really count. If you get the chance to watch the mens competition (I believe it may be shown next weekend, but it may have been on yesterday afternoon), it's the best of the events. The guy that won the event is a total riot, and spectacular skater too.
Obviously I don't have much but my hopes and dreams to show you for my quilting for this past week. I did some handwork and lots of sketching, mostly drafting the applique that will go on the new quilt I have started below. I'm using the kaleidoscope blocks as a watercolor backdrop for some magical applique. I may even do it on the machine, who knows. These are all batiks, and they are so much more vibrant in person.
Lastly, here's a couple of blocks for a swap...the last of the committments for my monthly block swaps. It feels good to have those done!
We're in for yet another mid-week snowstorm on Wednesday. I just cannot get a sewing morning while all 3 kids are at school whatsoever. I am behind on quilting work because of it. I may have to do a few evenings after they go to bed to get caught up. I'm sick of snow. We probably have 18" on the ground and they are predicting at least a foot more! At least I escaped it for a few days for slightly milder 40's and 50's!

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Rhonda said...

Just saying's been awhile since I've visited. Take care and stay warm.....signed Freezing my little body off here in central Texas....LOL