Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tasties in the Post

By way of a Handi Quilter Yahoo group that I belong to, I caught wind that we might be receiving chocolates in the mail. Allegedly they were supposed to go out before the holidays, but seriously, this is more fun now. In the middle of December I had more cookies and candies than I knew what to do with. On about Dec 28, I sent all remaining sugary goodness to work with my husband so I wouldn't eat it. Just yesterday, I was cursing how gosh awful trying to take off 5 pounds is because I LOVE chocolate. About 15 minutes ago, this arrived via UPS. It's a rather unassuming box, not rattling like chocolate truffles might. So I decided I needed a pre-dinner peek (aka "taste").
Upon opening, I find a 5"x9" slab of brown goodness. OMG, this is delightful. My kids were begging for a bite. But how could I bite into this?? OK, the only thing keeping me from sinking my teeth into this is the fact that it is frozen! Is that not just fantastic??
...and yes, Miss B, that is your quilt beneath it, and I was most careful to keep it spotless. In the next day or two, I will do a reveal on this Fig Tree sampler quiltmade by one of Maine's more prolific quilters. It is very pretty.
Remember this post??...where I showed ideas for some alleged quilt. I have decided I probably have enough sandy-toned batiks. I embarked on the first 9 blocks this week. The jury is still out on how much I like them!

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Farm Girl Designs said...

So I couldn't help but chuckle at your post about the 5lbs from Christmas. I'm pretty sure we all struggle with this issue from January thru March or so. But anyways you can always use your big choc bar to make choc covered strawberry bites which are 78 calories!