Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

While many people like to do a recap of all the quilts they made in the year, I will refrain. These posts are often entertaining, but in my case, I think an adequate number of pictures of all my own quilts have already been shown. And in cases where I have only showed snippets, you will have to wait until the quilt makes its debut at a show this spring.

Among my list of notable accomplishments, getting through this holiday season with a minimal amount of angst. It's always more hype than gratification, but Christmas morning was pleasant. The kids had argued significantly over who would get which stocking - they have no names on them, and all 5 are different colors (red, green, amber, marroon and purple). Inevitably, two people always want the same ones. Rather than listen to ANY more bickering, Santa brought their goods stuffed into huge stockings instead. Nobody, for once, objected!
For the past 2 days, my husband and I have had peace and quiet. Free time, and dine-out time. We even went to the mall, alone, yesterday. My mom has had the kids since Thursday morning. After dropping them off, we drove 3 hours to pick up this bundle of fluff. Kittens are SO hard to come by and I am sick and tired of shelters asking every single question as though we are applying for a home loan. We are paying them for the animal, for goodness sake. She was free to a good home. The only hitch was that she was not near to us. We were able to get the animal, and visit with a friend of my husband's for a couple hours, without listening to "are we there yet?"

The kitten is very sweet, and so obviously adorable. And SO not a girl cat! Did they not notice those fuzzy little things between his legs??! Our other cat is adjusting, and the kids are about to be picked up (and are very eager to meet him).

As for sewing...You'd think with 2 days free I'd have a ton to show for it. I wish!...I have gotten the large green border on this quilt, along with the pseudo prairie points. It's sort of a "what was I thinking?" moment because I do have to go blind stitch the entire edge around the points. I'll probably do it on machine with clear monofilament.

It is a lively addition to the Dresden quilt, a lot of trouble to construct, but I think it carries the design through to the border. This quilt will probably sit for a bit now, as I have 2 others that are getting bound very soon, and I have at least 4 client drop offs in the next week or 10 days. Back to work...

I have one show quilt almost ready to come off the blocking board. One more day to ensure it is really 100% dry. The 2nd quilt is ready to go back on the longarm to have some SID redone, and then it is off to blocking (then my bedroom can be rearranged back to where the furniture really belongs!). The bed gets moved right next to the door so I have a place for the 8'x8' insulation boards. This morning, I made up the corded piping and binding for both quilts though, so putting it on ought to be a snap!

Time to go get my kids, and get home before all the crazy New year's eve-goers are out. Have a fun one and see you in 2012!

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