Sunday, December 11, 2011

The preparations

Typically, this is a time of year that I can mostly just do without. It is all overly commercialized. Every possible store is busy, or beyond busy. I am not a religious person, so the very nature of the holidays often conjures up more questions than answers. And with 3 kids, the attitudes and emotions seem to be in overdrive too much of the time. Despite all of this, we went out and did our usual tree cutting at a local farm yesterday. I like and for some odd reason "need" to go through the motions, even if they are kind of a pain in the rump. Why does one child always need to be ingracious? Did he need to trip his brother?? And another is rude to his absolutely fabulous kindergarten teacher (whom we saw at the farm)? The notion of "You better not pout, You better not cry..." has fallen on deaf ears. December is a month of mis-behaven kids and sass. And I need a week alone somewhere deep in the woods (with a quilting machine of course!). They all come back into normal form on the 25th, but it just becomes too much for me.
We also went to see Santa this morning. On Friday while at the mall, they were oddly enthralled with Santa and the fact that we were missing seeing the reindeer parade at 4pm. Six eyes were scouring the roof of the mall in search of reindeer and a sleigh. It is the first year that Sophie has wanted to be anywhere near Santa, and without tears. Middle man went with a complete list for the bearded man that surprisingly did not include his "two front teeth", even though the loss of them is making eating harder! I just loved (LOVED) that Santa did have a talk with the boys about needing to listen to their parents and be really if we had coached Santa on what really needed to be said!
I did not sew this afternoon as I would have liked. I took one shopping and then we had to put up the tree. For a few fleeting moments, the process was actually fun ...not an entire afternoon of "no, don't step on those lights" or "wait and let me do that ornament (with the sound effect of breaking glass next)". I have a hard time simplifying things tremendously this time of year. I should have been part bear because I'd be better off just hibernating from December 1 until March! I opted not to send out any holiday cards. I always like getting them, but this year it's just easier. We are not having a family picture since kid #1 decided to scalp the front of his bangs 3 days ago. He's on the hook to pay for his next haircut (assuming the weed-eater is not a sufficient tool). I love cookies, but I have managed to whittle my list down to 4-5 types. Maybe this week. The wrapping is started, the shopping is finished (if you don't count that my dad had me on his service this week too).

I know I read about how much everybody LOVES Christmas and all the hype leading up to it. I so wish I was like you guys. I want to love it, really I do, but I find it just too stressful and frustrating. Too much trouble, too much money, not enough inner satisfaction. But seriously, on that last point...I did listen in on the absolute best (BEST) concert last night since there was nothing on TV - PBS's membership campaign with Andrea Boccelli's Christmas concert. Seriously, if I make it into the pearly gates, he'll be in my heaven. Listening to his voice just melts the cares away~

Have a nice week all.


Marjorie said...

You are not alone. I too am grinchy about over-commercialization. And my mother insisting that I send her a list of things I might want, even though I keep telling her I really don't want anything (except fabric that I want to select myself).

greelyrita said...

My children aren't little anymore and I thought that this feeling about Christmas would improve when things became more manageable, but that hasn't happened. It's Christmas, the hype, the expectations from all sides and levels that is the problem. Big sigh. I really want to love it too. That really rung a bell (ha ha) but I can't do it either. Thanks for expressing it.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Your not on your own!! It seems the message has been lost, and it is now a big commercial campaign by business. The simplicity of the season has been replaced by the stressful shopping. You have beautiful children, hope you make it through the silly season okay.

KQ Sue said...

I am with you on not being in to Christmas as everyone else seems to be. It has all gotten to commercialized. I haven't sent cards out in years. Shopping is a minimum, this year due to our financial situation, other years, because one side of the family has gotten so large they only wanted to buy for the kids,

Debbie said...

I hope this will boys are 17 and 20. Growing up, they fought like crazy all the time. Some of my holiday memories include those moments that for me weren't so kids were obviously not perfect! But oddly...when I talk to them now, they don't remember their fighting...or tantrums...they remember the good stuff! I wish I had known that before because I might have felt a little less stressed.