Monday, December 05, 2011

Hidden Surprises

Another customer quilt is off the frame today. It is back to regular programming here (ie., my quilt is off and time for business!). It's a small-ish 43"x55" quilt for her expectant baby boy, due in 2 months. She requested something above a panto, with different quilting in the 2 colors. The afternoon light is a little harsh, making the colors a bit washed out. I quilted it with an icy-aqua Glide thread. The contrast of the shimmery soft blue on the flat charcoal is nice. I chose a dental-style feather with swirls (to fill into the steep points). This type feathers are almost more leaf-like, and don't appear feminine like a traditional feather does.

I have no idea what fabrics these are (maybe a Tula?), but the more I quilted it, the more I kept finding small hidden surprises in the fabrics. Here's some little anchors, perfectly suited for a little boy.

...and if you look closely there is a swimming seal (I think in the aqua fabric). While quilting, I saw a turtle, but I couldn't find it afterwards!

The back is a completely whimsical frog-ish print. It is fantastic fabric!

This was a wonderful afternoon project. I always like ones that I can start in the morning and then finish when Sophie goes to school. Not like the king-sized custom that I will start tomorrow...and it has prework to be done (prepping the top and backing properly) before I can even load it. Sigh... It's a gorgeous quilt, I just have not had an adequate break from finishing my last full custom. I need a few days to play with piecing, clean the studio, finish Christmas things, etc - things to help cleanse my psyche. No such luck! A custom awaits, and there is another stinking 1/2 day for my kids this Friday. Too many days off for them just translates to not enough work days for me!


Emma said...

Lovely work, Margaret1 I've taken quite a liking to those fethers recently, too. The fabrics I could see are a combination of 2 of Tula's lines - Neptune and Prince Charming.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

YAY! it looks fantastic! Yes, they are Tula. Neptune and Prince Charming. I love her stuff because of all the hidden designs. Good luck with the next king size!