Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilts of Valor and a scrap giveaway

This past weekend has seen little regular quilting, but many 12" blocks have been made as a part of a donation to Quilts of Valor.  The red, white and blue blocks will be brought to the New England Quilt Festival (formerly MQX) banquet by each of the attendees.  Some of us may make quite a few :-)

Though I had made some prior to this weekend, most were done yesterday and today.  My mom and I had a piecing day, making over 50 yesterday.  Another 25 or so were made today.  They are asking for two specific patterns to be brought to the banquet...the star shown below, and the square on point.  Although they have stated that these can be either red, white and blue OR brightly colored, I am doing all patriotic.
I didn't have a ton of red and blue fabrics in my stash to begin with, but made it my goal to use what I had rather than purchase any fabrics.  I rarely use reds and blues too since they just are not my colors of choice.  I am kind of surprised how far my scraps have gone!  I am equally surprised how many scraps I am generating that are great scraps, just not large enough to use for another block.
So, here is my proposition to you.  Perhaps you like making scrappy quilts or crumb quilts, or need lots of colors for applique.  Well,  for each person that sends me a block to bring with this donation, I will put your name into a hat for a drawing to receive the scrap bag.  I assure you it is not small, and there are pieces upwards of 4"x4" of many, many fabrics.  If you send 10 blocks, your name will go in 10 times.  You may make all one block design, or both.  They need to be neat, measuring 12-1/2" unfinished, and in the red, white and blue palate.  If you are interested, message me or email :-)

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