Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday, already?

This week has been a blur.  And because we are expecting what forecasters are calling the "storm of the century", it's likely that kids will be home tomorrow, and quilting will have to wait until Monday.  Last weekend, was much slower paced.  I started on a client quilt, but had most of the days to putter on my own silk quilt.  I am nearing having the top finished (haven't in all honesty touched it since last Friday though!), so I started pondering how it might be quilted.  I like this part of the process.  It's creative.  There is no picking out of stitches, and I just cannot do wrong.  I think that this will be a fun quilt to quilt...lots of feathers.
I am taking my new quilt "Big Bertha" to a photo shoot next weekend.  Setting that date put the pressure on me to actually get it finished!  I have been hand appliquing a bias stripe around the quilt (yup, about 330" of bias) on the backside.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks.  Its nice to have an unexpected feature on the backside since many shows do hang them where the backs are visible.  Besides, it will eventually go on my bed, and it will be seen there.  Right now, the quilt is soaked and pinned to the blocking boards.  Except for drying and then stitching on that 99"wide sleeve, it is done.
 And, here's a glimpse of what I will be doing in just a moment...working on this modern quilt.  It's a client's quilt, and has challenged me to be creative with yards of open white space.  Tune in next week to see the rest of the quilt :-)


Strlady said...

OMG! Love what you are doing with that quilt. It's going to be fantastic! I really need to learn how to do that blocking thing. It is the step I am missing in my quilts.

Gramma Quilter said...

Sew amazing as usual. Your quilting is stellar!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I can't wait to see the whole star quilt from the last photo. Love it already.
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