Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Traditional Table Topper

I quilted this up a couple weeks ago.  It's only 48" square, so it comes together reasonably fast.  OK, like in about 5 hours (saying that makes me sound slow!).  The client is using it for a table topper.  The block centers were fussy cut from a vintage sheet.  To help the quilt lay flatter, I ditched all seams on the blocks with Monolon.  This is a little time consuming, but is really worth it in keeping the piecing looking crisp.  This is a step never to be neglected if you are having a quilt custom quilted.  It is truly the finishing touch.
I tried to keep the quilting somewhat simple and traditional, in keeping with the style of the quilt.  It just was not screaming for pebbles or dense fills.  The beadboard and egg-dart treatments are just right for traditional pieces.  And of course, so are the feathers, which she requested. 
 Although it does not show, everything but the feathers is stitched in a mustard colored Omni thread.  I like Omni because it runs well in my machine, and because it is a matte finish, and resembles cotton threads.  Personally, I hate to actually stitch with the cottons.  They break too easily and are way too linty.  But certain quilts just call for the soft, non-shiny look.
I have just worked since 6:30 this morning on just about everything I have going.  I finished a 104" Amazon Star.  Boy, am I glad to see that one off the frame.  It's been there about 9 days on account of school vacation and snow days.  You might wonder how I can be so productive (or not...)...I have deposited all 3 kids off with Nana for 2 days.  Got to go out to eat last night and not worry that they have burgers on the menu.  It's actually nice to have an adult conversation and not always watch what the kids are getting into (sugar packets, salt, vinegar, you name it!).  After finishing the Amazon Star, I played with my silk quilt for a couple hours.  I have run out of the interfacing, but am down to finishing the last corners.  Then just a little bit of applique.  I even made one QOV block to test the no-waste flying geese method before I pitch it to my mom.  She and I have a Saturday sewing date to make QOV blocks.  I have made a few already, and cut out 25 yesterday.  I'm trying to get rid of red and blue fabrics from my stash - they are by far my least favorite, and I don't miss them one bit!  Hope your week is as snow-free and productive.

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