Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Current Client Quilts

Last week the binding fun was mostly on hold, as I quilted on this large beauty.  It is 84" of applique! I regret that I don't know the pattern or designer, but I do know it took the maker a long time!  There's not an abundance of open space for quilting, but I still like to try to work some design in.
The owner sent wool batting, which is really a must if you have an applique quilt.  She also told me to plan on this hanging on a wall, rather than being on a bed.  That just means that denser quilting is fine.  While I would quilt this dense for a bed quilt for myself, some people don't want that amount of stiffness on their beds.  Seriously, though, it softens with use.
 I used about 3500 yards of Bottomline thread -- that is a 60wt thread.  It is really fine, leaving mostly just texture.  For a quilt with this much color and busyness in the applique, I didn't want to add anything but texture to the top.
 She back stuffed that bird a little bit (it's pretty puffy!).
 I was seriously getting tired of stitching pebbles by the time I finished.
 The border has a pretty pin-striping, with some feather sprays coming out of the larger floral arrangements.
 Lotsa leaves...
This is a cute lap quilt made by Andrea.  A couple years ago I quilted nearly a dozen quilts for her to be part of her wedding dowry.  She has one more, and all of these (if I understand correctly) are going to the Dallas Quilt show to be part of an exhibit.  Maybe she'll send me pictures!
I chose the pumpkin seed pattern for the center because there were several fabrics in the quilt that had this same pattern.  It was an easy sell.  This design was a good choice too because it lays symmetrically in the ivory octagons, and a pantograph would not have.
 These fabrics are on the modern edge, so I chose a free-handed border that was a little edgier.  I wasn't sure, but love it now that it is off of the machine.  This has one layer of 80/20 batting and is stitched with a sea-foam Omni (40 wt) thread, which matches the outer border.  The color shows subtly on all of the fabrics which is nice.
This design is free-handed, rather than stitched using a circle template.  It is expected that there are natural variations.  All in all, I think it looks pretty uniform though!

I am still working on the binding of the quilt I showed last time, and will have some times to report soon (as the continuation of "finishing your quilt").

Time to get my kiddo to gymnastics!


Dre said...


This just looks so amazing. Thank you so much for being my partner on that journey I embarked on a couple years ago. It was only fitting that you quilt this last one of my set for me. <3 I will definitely send over pictures of the quilts at the show.


Luann Fischer said...

As always, I'm awed.
The first quilt is gorgeous. If I ever make a large one I'd put it on the wall too.
May God continue to bless you,

Joy said...

I love both of these quilts. I have nothing but admiration for the appliquer. Her stick-with-it-ness is to be envied, not to mention her talent.

I also love the simplicity and colour pallet of the second quilt. Your quilting brings them both home. Brava.

Rhonda said...

OMG! I could not stopping looking at the quilting on the applique' quilt. What a fantastic job you did. Those circles, as you said, were time consuming but well worth it. You are something else!!!!!

Larain said...

OMG what fabulous quilting, I really have not seem quilting of this merit. I will have to put aside some money and send you a quilt from Australia that I feel is worthy of such beautiful quilting. Thank you for sharing and I am sure the lady was thrilled.