Friday, February 12, 2016

Studio SALE...Spread the word!

So, rather than be productive today (where's the fun in that?!), I decided it was clean-the-studio-out day!  My fabric storage is out of control, and messy too.  
I have a vicious habit of hoarding absolutely everything - just look at this piece that has fussy-cut hexies cut from it,  This was used on Bouquet Royale.  Do you really think I will use the rest of the fabric?!
I went through every stack of fabric, pulling out those that I know I won't use.  I applied that "cleaning the closet" rule we all hear.  If you haven't worn it in 12 months, toss it.  Mine was more like "if you don't think you'll use it in 5 years, maybe toss it".   The toss table got much fuller than this.
The upshot of my cleaning (I have fabric coming to start a new quilt...gotta make room!), is that I get to have a little sale. I have some gadgets, some fabric, and some partially constructed goodies that really just need a new home.  Please email if there is anything you'd like.  I will combine shipping if possible if you want more than one item.  Paypal if possible.


You all probably know I am a template junkie.  I cleaned out 4 that I don't use often enough.

Longarm (1/4") thick templates:

top: Jamie Wallen's small Mystical 45 (14"), lists at $30.  My price $20+ $7.50 ship. SOLD
center: 8" plume  $10 + $5 ship  SOLD
bottom: 1-1/2 and 3" rope tool lists at $ price $12 + $5 ship
left: straight line template (no lines on it) with handle  $12 plus $7.50 ship

Northcott Stonehenge fabrics:  SOLD

Some are decent sized yardage; ones on right are good sized, assorted scraps.
Pile on the left, from top to bottom:
  charcoal 1-1/2yd
  stone 1/4yd
  dark gray/brown 29"x32"
  lt gold, small metallic flecks 1/2yd
  gold metallic 1/2yd
  brown (was a wide backing) 29"x96"
  lt gray 34"x42"

You may also have these teeny-tiny 1/2" pieced mosaic strips.  There are eight at 2-1/2" x 26"
Stonehenge fabrics  cost $25 plus $12 flat shipping box

Partially completed quilt (parts and yardage): SOLD

This is an unfinished delectable mountains quilt, finished size 68"x68".  Fabrics are red, green ablack and beige, but not necessarily holiday-like.Includes pattern, and fabrics. Many pieces are stitched; all are cut.  Bag on left is all 2" HST's that need to be pressed. Red yardage may be for binding or extending the border.  Two pieces are 21"x48" and 42"x64".  $30 plus $8 ship.

Two Jelly rolls: BOTH SOLD

This entails 17 strips of a fun jelly roll.  I no longer know the pattern. $8 plus $2.50 ship.

 This is a FULL 40 pc jelly roll.  Fabrics are somewhat seasonal.  $20 plus $5 ship

These are 1/2yd cuts of canvas.  $ 16 plus $5 ship

Blocks and yardage:  SOLD

These 24 12-1/2" blocks (4 blocks shown below) were made a few years ago as part of a quilt block swap.  A couple of the blocks need mending.  These are all pieced, and were intended to be a simple alternative to the appliqued tea-leaf pattern.
These also go with the Tea-leaf blocks: ~25 5" blocks in the green fabrics,  1-1/6yds of the spider mum fabric, and the pattern.  $18 plus $5 ship

Silk Dupioni Quilt and fabrics:  SOLD

This mostly finished, original 38"square quilt is all silk dupioni.  I started this in 2012-2013.  The appliqued edges are not yet stitched, and there is still foundation paper under them.  All fabrics are interfaced.
 Piecing on the quilt is generally very good, although this was my first opportunity stitching interfaced silk.  While I like the quilt, I just don't see myself finishing it anytime soon.
 The following dupioni scraps (4 colors are FQ size, 2-3 are fat eighth, and rest are smaller) go with the quilt.  Silk quilt and fabrics $60 plus $8.50 ship

Twenty-six 12-13" Bowtie Blocks:  SOLD

These were purchased last year off of ebay at a time when I wanted to make a vintage quilt for an article.  When I decided I didn't want to write the article, I no longer needed the blocks.  Each hand-pieced block is made of 4 smaller bow-ties.  Note that the hand piecing is not perfect.  $12 plus $5 ship.

Now I have several offerings of fabric.  Many of these are of varying sizes.  I will indicate if there is yardage, as opposed to FQ or scrap size.  If you are a charity quilter, or like making scrap quilts, BOY have I got a load of goodies for you!


Yellows... SOLD
Ones on left are 1/2yd or under.  Ones on right are 2yd and 1yd, respectively.  There are 2-1/2 lb of fabric (7 of FQ size and at least 3 of 3/8yd size).  $12 plus $7 ship

One Vintage sheet with flowers
$10 (includes shipping)

Purples/pinks: SOLD
This includes a LOT of fabric - 3lb.  There are at least 5 FQ, 4 pieces at 3/8 or more, 4-5 over 1/2 yd.  Estimated 6-7yds.  $18 plus flat rate shipping box $12

Browns: SOLD
4-1/2pounds of brown! least 8 FQ, four at 1/2yd, 5 at 3/8 yd and more.  Estimated 6 yards. $25 plus $12 flat rate ship box.

Florals: SOLD
Many pieces totaling 2 lb.  $10 plus $5 ship

Kiddie and novelty: SOLD

Allshown in next 2 photos $20 plus flat rate $12 box ship.  4lb of mixed stuff.  There's at least 6 FQ, blue letter print is over 1/2yd. 
pirate fabric is 1yd, others are 3/8 to 1/2yd each.

Moda CrossWeave Fabric:  SOLD

This is left over from my Kaleidoscopic Calamity quilt, which was made 3 years ago.  All pieces are 1/4 to 3/8yd each or so.  $12 plus $5 ship.

Blues: SOLD

2-3/4lb of fabrics, with largest pieces 1/2yd.  There are about 8 FQ size, 6-8 at 3/8yd and at least 3 that are 1/2yd.  Estimated 6 yards.  $17 plus 8 ship.

Greens: SOLD

Clearly this is the largest, as I love green.  6 lb of green fabric.  Several pieces are ~1/2 yd.  There are about 6-8 FQ size, two bags of mixed sizes.
 These two are 1 and 2 yards, respectively.  Total for all green is $36 plus $15 ship flat rate.

Elizabeth Studio fabric:  SOLD

This is a 2 yd piece of beach panels. Pieces in next photo in total exceed 2 yd.  $15 plus $6 ship.

Finished 54"x60" lap quilt:

$50 plus $12 ship.  This is made from quilt-shop quality cotton quilting fabrics.  It has a cotton batting, and hand stitched binding.  The quilting is a simpler edge-to-edge.  It would be perfect for a grandma that has several grandkids!

 OK, there you have it.  Please email me at if there is anything you would like.  I will accept paypal as payment, or personal check if I know you.

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