Monday, February 15, 2016


A huge thank you to everyone that helped to clear my studio last week by purchasing my half-made things and fabrics.  All but 2 shipments went out on Saturday.  There is still a lap quilt and some canvas for sale if anybody is interested.

Yesterday, I pulled spools and cones of thread that I may have won or decided after purchasing that I don't like.  Please email fast at if you are interested in anything! Payment via paypal please.  When I know what you want, I will work out cost-effective shipping.  Domestic only.

1. Wonderfil - all in packaging still
  • left: soft yellow Invisifil, 2500m (list price $12) my cost $7.50
  • teal Spaghetti 12wt. (list price $8) my cost $5
  • four on the right (navy, beige, lt blue and turquoise) 40wt rayon, 1000m (list $5.50 each) - all 4 for $14

2. More Wonderfil thread

  • top: dusty blue Accent 12wt, 400m $5
  • 5 at the center are Razzle/Dazzle, 250yd all 5 for $22 (list $8-11 each).  Note that they are open, but not used. SOLD
  • bottom: cream Sulky 60wt and 150m green cotton Mettler, each $1

3. Superior Rainbows, 40 wt variegated polyester, 2000yd (list $19.80)  each $10 SOLD

4. Aurifil Mako cotton (list price $38.95 each!) - all abt 2500m  MY price $22 each or all for $120

  • soft gray 12wt
  • cream 50wt SOLD
  • taupe (used about 200 yards of this) 50wt SOLD
  • green 40wt
  • butter/cream 40wt (bottom of pic)
  • blue (in package) 12wt

I will be in and out today, but email a message if you are interested!!

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