Friday, April 28, 2017

Client Quilts

The last couple weeks have been rather unproductive for me, but I have been trying to get some client obligations out of the way.  My other half has been home for the first 2 weeks of (good God) what I think is a 4 week medical leave.  He makes being a work-at-home business owner a very difficult task.  The concept of "make yourself scarce" between 8am and 3pm AND be quiet does not make sense. Consequently, I have cried a lot, and gone for drives so that I can scream and yell in silence.

Never the less, I have tried to work through a few client obligations so I can get closer to loading one of my own quilts.  I am still a few days off because I forgot I needed to order batting (and likely silk thread too).

Here's a Neimeyer star quilt I did a couple weeks ago.  It's not the first of these I have done, but I have to say I'd be a happy quilter if all batik client quilts could go this easily.  Usually this tighter woven fabric causes all sorts of unpredictable issues.  Not this time.

 I used several threads, but dangit if I can remember what they were!...Probably Glide and Polished Poly if I had to guess.
 All features are SID with monofilament, then the detail work was added.
 Here's a quickie and cutie baby quilt my California client Jan sent me. I have done a dozen or more baby quilts for her.  It couldn't be simpler, but she lets me play.
I varied up the fills and then stuck in a couple of little birds, just for fun.

 I forgot to mention we got a new kitten.  She is 6 months old and arrived to us last weekend.  Miss Luna (named by my daughter Sophie) is a total sweetie.   She's oddly fascinated with the computer screen.  My husband noted that his screen said "...ssssssssssssdddddddddddddddddddd" and he didn;t know why.  Tee he,. silly man.

 One last client quilt just finished yesterday... She sent me a photo of this done by someone else, and I varied a few things. It is quilted to be cute yet expeditious and budget conscious.  I think I captured the quilt's features.

'For those of you fortunate enough to be in Paducah...know that I am realy envious.  I just hate that I am not there this year...with my book release and my quilts there.  One of them has a 1st place.  The other just cannot ribbon.  Don't know why!?!  Oh well, life goes on.

And remember, if you are interested in checking out my books, they are always available on my website


kupton52 said...

What an all-round lovely post....I had to smile at you being a bit "off" as well as the frustration at having hubby home and the photos are just...well...scrumptious! Last year my husband took a sudden early retirement and was home 10 months....I love the man (we've been married 45 years) but I thought I would go crazy. He finally went back to work and will retire in a year and a half. I'm trying now to adjust my attitude.

Leeanne said...

Lovely finishes.........Nice to see one that was quilted on a budget. Cute computer kitty! Has it found the 'mouse' yet???LoL

Jessica said...

Being at home mom means a lot of work but it is very fulfilling at the same time. I bought several dressmaking fabrics for an upcoming project. Love the color combinations you used for this one.