Monday, April 17, 2017

Back to the Grind

I am back from MQX, and have been quickly thrust back into the real-life of a mom and wife.  No rest for the weary I say.  For those of you that went to the show or are on facebook, you already know that my quilt "Taking the Unmapped Road" shown 2 posts ago actually brought home two immensely amazing and BIG awards.  It won the best longarm quilting as well as Best of Show.  I was more than blown away - so surprised on many levels.  The quilting world continues to surprise me at every turn. Quilts that I swear are say better don't do quite as well as I think they will.  As for this quilt, I really did not see these huge awards coming.  Happy?...absolutely.  Surprised - that too!

It was great to talk with Linda McCuean at the awards.  She was one of the 3 judges this yr.  She is the one I consulted many years ago when I decided I wanted to put a scalloped binding on Big Bertha.  Big Bertha was my other quilt to win BOS at MQX.  Linda is a phenomenal quilter; so inspirational to see her and thank her for what she has meant to me. With that zebra shirt, we should have met when The Twisted Sister unveiled!

I came home and dove head first into the backlog of client quilts I have.  This is an adorable "redwork" Halloween quilt.  The Halloween theme is subtle.
I quilted a crosshatch across the embroideries using a monolon nylon thread.  This is just perfect because it looks just like a white thread, but shoes nothing on the embroidery. 

 The quilting is light so as to keep the quilt still soft and snuggly.
 Sashings are quilted with a red Omni thread that matched the red of the embroidery.  The quilting on the black border was in a bolder green that pulled from the outer plaid.  Like I said, the Halloween theme is subtle.
On the last day of MQX, I did a fun talk about getting kids into quilting.  It was late on the last day, so the crowd was small, but they were dedicated listeners.  My mom and daughter were there too.  I spoke to quilters about each of the 4 quilts I have done with my daughter, 3 of which have now won 1st place here (much to my surprise, she won 1st again this yr!).  I showed all of her quilts and gave my take on how I have inspired her at each age to learn how to sew and to quilt.
She was more than a willing ham towards the end of the talk, but  her eagerness was endearing to others seeking tips on inspiring their kids or grandkids. Here she is atop the pile of quilts she has made! (color coordinated no less)

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Congratulations to you and your daughther!!