Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My AQS book is now available!

Join me in a happy dance!!! I couldn't be more delighted to make this announcement today.

I am tickled to finally be able to show this and know that the books are really in existence!  Yes, printed with real ink.  Somebody asked me that last week at MQX, and I found it particularly amusing (though it feels like it was partially printed with my blood, sweat and tears).  

I spoke with my editor at AQS yesterday, and my book officially arrived to the Paducah, KY AQS warehouse yesterday from the printer.  It was news to me that AQS does not actually print anything. They are editors, not printers so I am told.  Either way, the book is here!!
The actual book cover is slightly different from the image shown above that I was sent many moons ago.   I really like the teal better than the navy blue anyways, as it pulls nicely from the color in the quilts.
Here's one of the pallets in the warehouse...that is all books.  I suspect that there are many more pallets too.
 And the truck that delivered them.   I know, this is a boring photo, unless you are my very excited editor.  The books will officially be at Paducah.  It kills me that this is the one year that going to Paducah just cannot be swung.  Even if I could somehow disappear for 2-3 days, I's probably never find a hotel anyways.  So...if you are going to Paducah and see my books in the AQS shop, please send me a picture.
With the Paducah show next week, and all of AQS busy with that production, I knew ordering books would be on hold until after the show.  So....I placed an order yesterday which will be arriving to me this Friday!  Yes, as in 2 days from now.  I have started preselling this book on my website today.  If sales continue, I may have to place another order before the end of Friday.

For the curious, this book was envisioned to be different, conceived before the end of AQS publishing. In all honesty, I think they were planning to print other quilters' stories in books similar to this one, but as it turned out, I am the only one.  It has more information about me, the quilter, how I got where I am, and insight into my journey.  I discuss the design process for each of the well known show quilts that are on the cover too.  Each of these quilts are completely patterned within the 160 page book.  There are also details on key quilting motifs and techniques.  At the very last minute, and after a bit of a grumpy standoff by me, they also added a dozen pages of closeup photography showing the quilting details.  This was truly of immense importance to me, and made me very pleased when it happened.

If you'd like to get one of the first of these books, visit my website
You may purchase from AQS, and the book will be at some other distributors and select book stores too.  Remember, purchasing direct from the author profits the author the most.  Either way, I thank you for your interest and purchase.  They will only be autographed though if they come from me :-)


Angie said...

Very very cool about your book! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

And I have already ordered. Thanks.

sdrussell said...

I have mine ordered. I am sure the new book will be as well received as your others. I am still looking at your other books almost nightly. I do think, that with your permission, I would like to do a multi background quilt like the one on the book cover. With drawing your designs on printed pages of quilt patterns from EQ, I am learning a whole lot. The hard part is picking which design to go where, so drawing on practice pages is perfect for me.

kupton52 said...

DESIGN INSPIRATIONS arrived today. Margaret, you must be "over the moon"! The book is spectacular. I didn't think you could top your 2 self-published books but I was wrong. I think I've gained 10 pounds just looking at the marvelous "eye candy" in the book. You truly are a master quilter and teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, hard work, insights and beautiful quilts. You make me want to push my own limits and be the best quilter and designer I possibly can. "Thank you" simply isn't enough.

sdrussell said...

I received your Design Inspirations in the mail today. This book is a wonderful addition to your other two books. I took time off from drooling to spiral bind the book. Tonight I will be in quilting heaven. I must say that three books in a months time is fantastic. I love the way you explain your methods and the pictures are wonderful. When quilters show their reasons and methods for their quilt I am sure that they inspire everyone. Thank you for these books. Any time you want to publish more books, know that I will be purchasing them. Thank you so much for the lessons and ideas from your books.

Heritage Keepsakes said...

Your book arrived today and all I can say is WOW!!! The content and the way you explain the process is truly phenomenal. Your detailed explanations of how you develop a quilt from idea to end result, will surely help others challenge themselves more in their quilt making. This book truly is an insight into a genius at work!!! Thank you again and again, for generously sharing your knowledge with others.