Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unnamed and New

My studio is buzzing with activity these days. I have many (MANY) quilts in the queue to do over the next 2 months, most of which are being slowly scheduled at the customer's requests. I have an absolutely fantastic applique quilt on frame right now. I know I have seen some nice quilts this spring/summer, and this is a great one too. And it's all the way from Canada too! Imagine that, Mainely Quilts of Love is international. You'll get to see pictures next week sometime when I get it bound (yes, I get to take it from flimsy to completed quilt!).

I have been designing for months now, wanting to do something with my stack of Stonehenge fabrics. I have 8 of these 15 degree wedges sewn, another 4 cut out. I was initially planning to paper piece them so as to get good accuracy, but promptly realized that was not going to happen because they are curved. So, I spend 80% of my time cutting out the pieces. I still have the remaining half (12) pieces to cut out...sigh!! I just hope that they all sew together with most points meeting up properly (and lay flat & round, not resembling a bra!). Much of the rest of the quilt is either paper pieced or rotary cut so it shouldn't be quite so slow (famous last words!).
All you great and creative quilters out there...how would you quilt this rosette??

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