Monday, April 24, 2006

Oldies but Goodies

Quilt for our bed, before hand quilting was completed.
Started fall 1999, completed spring 2004.

Fall 1994
log cabin, fully hand quilted

Made 1988, tied corners. Given to Goodwill 2006. It had a good life!

Made in 1989 for my little brother when he graduated from high school. He still has the quilt.

Baby Quilts

The quilt top for my daughter's quilt, May 2006. It is in the process of being quilted. More pictures to follow. The colors did not photograph well.

Son, Hayden, at 3.5 weeks old laying on his baby quilt that I made and my mother hand quilted. He's now 4 and still sleeps with it! His nursery had a variety of boats in it's theme, mostly done in shades of deep green and purple.

Done for Lynn's Sheepy nursery, March 2005

Made October 2005 for Molly's shower.

2005 Christmas Quilts

Mom's Christmas present...approx 40" x 40", fully hand quilted, hung on a wrought-iron scroll hanger. Entitled "The Merry Meeting of Marble & Mathematics"

Shows the quilting. There's some trapunto quilting in it as well.

Bill & Kirsten's Christmas quilt. Designed to depict the ocean and all of it's life. Entitled "Ocean's Folly"

For Eric's mom for Christmas. Approximately 20" x 20", watercolor styled. Entitled "Love"

Matching pillow.

Christmas wall hanging/advent calendar for Bill & Rachael.