Saturday, October 13, 2007

Book Blanket Challenge quilts

The 2 Project Linus Book Blanket challenge quilts were taken to the coordinator yesterday. I need not post any pictures of the Caterpillar quilt as there have been many. But (despite) my mother's request not to do this yet, I am anyway. The quilt is way too cute. Back in late August, I went to my mom's house sans the boys for a day of sewing, unbeknownst to her. I arrived with sewing machine, and lots of precut material. We were going to make the quilt we'd talked so much about doing for 6 months. The summer was nearly over and it had not yet been done.

The fish fabrics she had bought for me to make a Linus blanket with anyways. Very cute. When I left that day, the top was complete and I'd left her with the binding strip, backing material and the book "Curious George goes Fishing".

Over the last month she added the appliques. He's soooo cute!. So cute that she may just beat out the caterpillar in the competition in 2 weeks!!

The show is at the Thornton Heights United Methodist Church on Oct 28, 10-2pm (South Portland)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One project Done

Here's baby Joshua's blanket. It's about 20" x 24", intended for a stroller or carseat.

Fall is Here

Joy, Joy!!

My fall swap quilt arrived today from Luisa of Lisbon, Portugal. OK, OK..not a true blind swap in that I knew my quilt was coming from her. I had no idea what it would look like though, or that it would be so incredible. It's different from anything I would make, but so much in a style I love. The appliqued leaves are cut from a pattern that makes the leaves look like they have veins. I think my picture is upside down, oops! So lovely. Many thanks!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fit for a Princess, but in a slump

Sometimes I just dread sewing. That is now: Halloween. The boys need their costumes and I am dragging my feet at starting them. It is such uninspiring sewing; I hate it. The crush-pane that Captain Hook's coat is being done in is slippery. In a word, a Pain to sew. I have mostly finished the shirt for Peter Pan, but it lacks pizzazz. Maybe next week my kid will nap and I'll be focused to sew.
On another front, the Christmas dress for my daughter is gorgeous. Sometimes I just amaze myself when I can sew without making huge mistakes, and have it look like this. The collar has a lovely entredeux edging that I did with a wing needle. I am still testing out some of the decorative stitches my new machine has. This one I like.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sophie's Christmas Dress

It's coming of mere scraps that I have left from anothe rproject, but it's going to be very sweet.