Monday, May 25, 2020

May Already?

I suppose that title should read "Almost June?"

Yes, I am a slacking blogger. I do have a few custom client quilts to share, but just have not taken the time to sit at my computer to post. This is one I finished a couple weeks ago for Jackie Kunkel. It is her Desert Blooms batik line. The design is particularly edgy and linear and I found that oddly challenging to come up with a quilting plan. Somehow in the discussions with her, she said maybe we could not have feathers on this one, and that request threw me for a loop. Feathers have a nice nonlinearness to them which help to soften linear designs.
 On to Plan B.  I didn't really have a Plan B though.One thing I did do on the quilt though is use colored threads. They are subtle - a soft gray and a lavender. It is also double batted so that the texture shows well.
 There's a combination of fills, frames and other things. In the end, I just had to put a "motif" (we wont call it a feather) that would help to soften the lines of the pattern. I used what I call fish-spine feathers. They are edgy and don't exactly read as a feather, but the benefit is the curved secondary patterns that result from the spines. You could say that the quilt broke me and I had to quilt feathers.

 There's a variety of small patterns on the borders, faux borders and sashings -- all intended to bring a textural component to the quilt.
I'll post more of the recent quilted goodness soon, but let me make you aware of another online learning opportunity. I have created a second online video class. The first one on grid-based fills ran this month and I am delighted to have had 75 students sign up for it. With no quilt show or locale to teach in person in sight, I have created another online class. I'd love if you'd take a look and consider taking it from me. If not, kindly share this information because others might be interested. Right now, word of mouth is the only way of disseminating this information.
Details about the class as well as enrollment are done through my website  here. You can also watch a short trailer about how the class will run, when it begins, etc.